1. R

    Create ADO.Net Entity Model On Mac

    I am using .Net 6 and Framework 4.8 to build an app with Visual Studio but I can't seem to create the Ado .Net Entity Model it is not listed when I try to create a new class. Is there a simple way to create it on mac?
  2. Ouma

    I can't access my c# application in another pc

    I need your help PLEASE . I developed a desktop application ( c# ; .NETFramework 4.7.2 ) with Visual studio2019 & SqlServer2017 ; and I tried to deploy it but it doesn't work in another laptop . I get the error message : ************* Débogage JIT ************** Pour activer le débogage...
  3. P

    SSIS Job failing when accessing DB connection parameter

    I have a SSIS package that is trying to load the information from a csv file into a SQL Server table. The DB Connection is defined as an ADO.NET connection and I have parameterized the connection string. See the screenshots below. Below is the code snippet that I am using to establish...
  4. Sajo

    Problem with configuration file

    I want to create a connection to the server. The base is called NORTHWND. I wanted to create a connection using a configuration file. I created a configuration file. I want to get information about the version of the server I am using through the console application. However when I run the code...
  5. Zeus


    I'm new to winform. I built a webapp using ASP IDENTITY for USER registration. But now i have to use Credentials created by ASP IDENTITY to login in already existing window app(ADO.NET is used). How can i login in winform ???
  6. A

    Question What is wrong on function ExecuteNonQuery to work as Best Practise ?

    I work on c# app I need to make function make insert data or update or delete dynamically so that I do function below for insert or update or delete but I don't know what must added or remove from function below to make function work as best practice . public static async Task<int>...
  7. A

    Answered How to compress multi Excel files to zip Archive ?

    I working on c# 5 app create more than excel files xlsx but I face Issue I cannot compress these files to one file as zip archive . meaning if result of code below of three files as abc.xlsx and autod.xlsx and mog.xlsx as examples then create all theses file to one file as zip archive with...
  8. A

    Question How to create excel sheet with multiple sheet name based on modules ?

    I work on c# desktop app I cannot export data to excel sheet with multiple tab meaning multi sheet based on data exist on data table module field I use open XML library Data table data as below : Divide Output Excel File To Multi Tab based On Module PartId Company Files Tab Module 1222...
  9. A

    Specific cast is not valid in linq query when compare two tables

    Problem Error display in linq query "specific cast is not valid" at System.Data.DataRowExtensions.UnboxT`1.ValueField(Object value) at System.Data.DataRowExtensions.Field[T](DataRow row, String columnName) LinqQuery give error var query1 = (from x in table1.AsEnumerable()...
  10. 1

    Question Dynamically Insert single record into MS access from SQL server

    Hi ALL, I have two databases(SQlserver and MS Access) with same schemas (same tables). SQL server database has data but Access has no data (blank database). My goal : when user enters a ClientId and click insert button then I need to retrive that single record from all tables in sql server...
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