1. R

    Question Bulk Insert Problem - inserting excel data

    Hi there, In my Blazor Server application, I am trying to insert excel data into a SQL database table. I am getting this error, but couldn't figure out why. Here is the sample excel, I am trying to bulk insert. Here is the table; CREATE TABLE [dbo].[RazerReconciliation]( [PID]...
  2. R

    Question How would you compare an excel with data in the database table?

    Hello friends, I am working on a Blazor Server application. I would like to upload an excel file, consisting of a couple of columns. (ReferenceId-guid, Order Date-datetime, Product Code-string, and Product Description-string) This excel file roughly has 200000 rows of data. I am gonna use...
  3. A

    Question How to save Personal Picture on Database Table aspnetUser on mvc .net core 5 ?

    I working on core 5 mvc web application , I face issue I can't store Picture User on database table [dbo].[AspNetUsers]. so can you tell me how to store personal picture of user on table [dbo].[AspNetUsers]. I already add new column PictureUser on table [dbo].[AspNetUsers] to store...
  4. R

    Question Dynamic Tab with @key Problem

    Hello friends, I am working on a Blazor Server App, here is the sample data. SET IDENTITY_INSERT [dbo].[OrdersDetail] ON INSERT INTO [dbo].[OrdersDetail] ([Id], [ProductCode], [ProductName], [Quantity], [CostRatio], [UnitCost], [TotalBuyPrice], [TotalSellPrice], [ShippingNumber], [Status]...
  5. SaeedP

    Why I can't see my menu in Blazor?

    Hello, Why I can't see my menu in Blazor? Here is my code: mainLayot: @inherits LayoutComponentBase <PageTitle>BlazorApp1</PageTitle> <div class="page"> <div class="sidebar"> <saeedMenu /> @*<NavMenu/>*@ </div> <main> @*<div class="top-row px-4">...
  6. miladel

    Post ID to Action in modal

    Dear All, I'm almost new to Razor pages and what I need to do is to set a bool value in a database after the user confirms operation on a modal. The table model uses Dapper to query the SQL database. The problem is that, when I click on Close in the table, I can get MotorServiceId in the modal...
  7. sachin Shrestha

    mixing hosting models?

    How To Fix HTTP Error 500.34 - ASP.NET Core does not support mixing hosting models in .Net Core for Smarter Asp Hosting?
  8. A

    Hi, is it possible to make a Blazor application frameless?

    I'm looking to build a toolbar application using Blazor and i was wondering if it would be possible to make the app frameless ( removing the minimize/maximize and close buttons). Can this be done or no? Thanks!
  9. A

    Resolved Hi, ive integrated electron into my asp.netcore application however some of the files are greyed out?

    When integrating electron into my core application I've noticed that some of the files are greyed out, and whenever I attempt to alter the code in the main.js or index.html file its not saving. Can anyone tell me why this is occurring?
  10. A

    Resolved hook up front end code that was made in electron with backend code made with core?

    My mentor has asked me to figure out a way to hook up code that was made using electron with another project that was made using core. This may sound like a stupid question but i was wondering how i would do this? I've never done anything like this before.
  11. sachin Shrestha

    What is Guidline For Vertical Spacing in c# When to do it actions

    Guidlines for Vertical spacing in c#
  12. A

    Resolved My Visual studio 2019 keeps on crashing when adding a new controller in .net core

    Hi, can anyone think of any possible reason why my visual studio 2019 keeps on crashing? Once i close it down, restart it and attempt to add more attributes to the controller class it freezes and then crashes. This has happened before but I never found the solution to it. Does anyone have an...
  13. J

    Architecture question

    We have developed a system, written in c#: There are physical electronic controllers that have ethernet adapters. They communicate to the socket server over UDP which is writtren in c# (.net 4.8) as a dll with a winforms application on the front. There is a web based front end written in CoreASP...
  14. SaeedP

    why am I getting: "HTTP Error 500.30 error" when publishing the Blazor server-side site?

    Hello, I've made my web app on Blazor server-side and I'm trying to publish it on a windows server. I tried different methods to publish but all came to the same conclusion. HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure Why am I having this problem? You can see the result on...
  15. R

    Condition between ArrayChar and int number how to do?

    Hi; I am not getting the condition to interpret char array with integer : string AjusteICMSDocumentoId = "102345"; char[] array = entidade.AjusteICMSDocumentoId.ToCharArray(); if (array[1] == 0) { if (viewModel.TipoImposto !=...
  16. A

    Question How to Generate json string for function FillGrids ?

    I have windows form functions FillGrids and i need to convert to json format string private static void FillGrids(Control.ControlCollection Controls, xForm frm) { foreach (Control co in Controls) { if (co is xDataGrid &&...
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