1. J

    Architecture question

    We have developed a system, written in c#: There are physical electronic controllers that have ethernet adapters. They communicate to the socket server over UDP which is writtren in c# (.net 4.8) as a dll with a winforms application on the front. There is a web based front end written in CoreASP...
  2. SaeedP

    why am I getting: "HTTP Error 500.30 error" when publishing the Blazor server-side site?

    Hello, I've made my web app on Blazor server-side and I'm trying to publish it on a windows server. I tried different methods to publish but all came to the same conclusion. HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure Why am I having this problem? You can see the result on...
  3. R

    Condition between ArrayChar and int number how to do?

    Hi; I am not getting the condition to interpret char array with integer : string AjusteICMSDocumentoId = "102345"; char[] array = entidade.AjusteICMSDocumentoId.ToCharArray(); if (array[1] == 0) { if (viewModel.TipoImposto !=...
  4. A

    Question How to Generate json string for function FillGrids ?

    I have windows form functions FillGrids and i need to convert to json format string private static void FillGrids(Control.ControlCollection Controls, xForm frm) { foreach (Control co in Controls) { if (co is xDataGrid &&...
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