1. SaeedP

    Why do I get this Chrome console error

    I keep encountering the below Chrome console error while it sounds like my code is correct. @page "/" @using System.Net.Http.Json @using System.Text.Json @using System.Diagnostics @inject HttpClient Http <form> <h1>AI Image Generator</h1> <div class="form-group">...
  2. zoltanszogyenyi

    Tip Open-source UI components for Blazor based on Tailwind CSS

    Hey everyone, Together with the open-source community from Flowbite we wrote a Blazor integration guide and a starter repository] on GitHub that helps you set up the UI components from Flowbite that are based on Tailwind CSS such as dropdowns, navigation bars, hero sections, footers, and more...
  3. ahmedaziz

    Question Can't make dynamic filter based on Query. Filter on radzen data grid ?

    I work on blazor server side core 7 . I face issue I can't return data after filter from list on Radzen data grid First I create radzen data grid on razor page <RadzenDataGrid @ref="myDataGrid" AllowColumnPicking="true" FilterMode="FilterMode.Simple" AllowFiltering="true"...
  4. P

    Question <input type="text" @bind-value="@client.Name" generating a lot of errors - Blazor

    Hello all, I'm working on the Add/Update page. Before, I had typed just value instead of @bind-value, and it appeared the correct value, but those fields were not updated. (Could it be because it was missing the "two way" binding?). Then I changed to @bind-value as you can see in the code, and I...
  5. P

    Question How to get table row data (such as Id) on same row button click - Blazor

    Hello, How can I get data from a table row (such as Id or other columns) on click method from a button that is in the same row? So I can pass an Id to the Delete method or something like that. This is my .razor file: @page "/ClientList" @using WebAPICountries.Models @using...
  6. P

    Question How to pass data from a page to another in Blazor

    Hi all, So I'm progressing in my web dev learning. Now I'm working on a project that is not from a tutorial, but on my own. I have on my clientList page a click event handler method that takes me to the editClient page, and I have to pass an Id to it, and I can't figure how. My method looks...
  7. P

    Question How access the connection string declared in appsettings.json in Blazor

    Hi, So I was able to add a connection string to the file appsettings.json, but I can't find the way to retrieve it in my 'Service' C# code file which gets data from the DB. What I could know is that I need an IConfiguration object, through whose GetConnectionString() method I would get the...
  8. SaeedP

    Problem with AI logo builder program

    Hello, In these lines of code, I have tried to create a logo builder program using DeepAI API. It seems that the program works, but the received image is not clear. @page "/LogoBuilder" @layout EmptyLayout @inherits LayoutComponentBase <div> <h3>LogoBuilder</h3> <SaeedMenu />...
  9. SaeedP

    What is the process of adding an API to the most recent release of Blazor server?

    Hello, What is the process for creating an instance of a class within a Blazor component and utilizing its methods? By "latest version," I am referring to the most recent release. thanks, Saeed
  10. P

    Question Moving to MudBlazor - Runtime error in page - I can't see MudTextField

    Hello, I'm trying to practice with MudBlazor doing the same I did before without it (but more complex this time, I added the KeyDown event), and it seems something related to the MudTextField is wrong, because it is not shown in the page (the MudButton is) and at the bottom of the screen it says...
  11. SaeedP

    What is the process for creating an instance of a class within a Blazor component and utilizing its methods?

    Hello, My question is regarding Blazor service: In my app, I have a component: Logo-builder. razor @page "/logo-builder" @using BlazorApp_AI_1.Data @inject LogoBuiderService logoBuilderService <h1>Logo Builder</h1> <label for="text-input">Text:</label> <input type="text" id="text-input"...
  12. P

    Question Blazor simple demo syntax errors

    Hi colleagues, As cjard has advised me, I'm trying to learn Blazor as web development instead of MVC. I'm following this tutorial, but although I'm copying it literally, I can see a few syntax errors which I can't figure out how to solve in the Page I'm working on. I already added the TodoItem...
  13. L

    Blazor Redirect between api controllers in same project

    Hallo I want to redirect in a blazor server side project between api's, can use RedirectToRoute("Controller") but this will only call the GET method. I need to Post from one main controller to another, I got one main controller which validate and decide which controller needs to get the...
  14. ahmedaziz

    when implement session time out i get error on invoke sync method ?

    I working on blazor application server side . i face error when apply session timeout Category: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Server.Circuits.RemoteNavigationManager EventId: 4 SpanId: 7336f0e333159b9e TraceId: 1c34008822a09f63877a1646dd4c58c1 ParentId: 0000000000000000 RequestId...
  15. SaeedP

    Resolved Problem with adding favicon to blazor server

    Hello, I want to insert a link for the site favicon in the layout. C HTML, my link is: <link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="wwwroot/favicon.ico"> but I get this error: But as you can see my favicon is in the wwwroot folder: Do you think what is wrong? regards, Saeed
  16. ahmedaziz

    Question How to force user to open my web application with login access ?

    I work on blazor server side . I face issue I can't make user redirect to login page when user try to access web application by copy and past URL of my application on new browser page my scenario as below : 1-I open my web application as . 2-it open login page as first page...
  17. R

    Weird behavior SaveChangesAsync

    Hello guys, I have this Blazor Server application. I am adding (OnSubmit) records by selecting the game, quantity, and description. The problem is when I add records one after another by clicking the purchase button, the previously added record gets the value of the last added record as you can...
  18. ahmedaziz

    Issue threading when run login identity on blazor server ?

    I working on blazor server . i get issue evaluation function required all threads to run i get this error when login on var resultIdentity = await signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(UserName, "xxxxx", false, false) it stop on this line and hang and stuck on debugging so what is issue and how...
  19. R

    Question Bulk Insert Problem - inserting excel data

    Hi there, In my Blazor Server application, I am trying to insert excel data into a SQL database table. I am getting this error, but couldn't figure out why. Here is the sample excel, I am trying to bulk insert. Here is the table; CREATE TABLE [dbo].[RazerReconciliation]( [PID]...
  20. R

    Question How would you compare an excel with data in the database table?

    Hello friends, I am working on a Blazor Server application. I would like to upload an excel file, consisting of a couple of columns. (ReferenceId-guid, Order Date-datetime, Product Code-string, and Product Description-string) This excel file roughly has 200000 rows of data. I am gonna use...
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