1. A

    Hi, is it possible to make a Blazor application frameless?

    I'm looking to build a toolbar application using Blazor and i was wondering if it would be possible to make the app frameless ( removing the minimize/maximize and close buttons). Can this be done or no? Thanks!
  2. SaeedP

    Resolved code section in blazor

    Hello, Can the code that is written in Blazor in the code section be written in the controller? Are the codes exactly the same? thanks,
  3. L

    How to lock TicTacToe matchfield after a player won?

    I am actually programming a tic tac toe game with the blazor framework and I have already a function to lock the button if it was clicked. It looks like this: public class ElementOfMatchField { public int Row { get; set; } public int Column { get; set; } public...
  4. L

    Resolved Blazor get html element using c# code

    I wanna build a Tic Tac Toe Blazor game. To print the fields I am using html buttons and a foreach loop: @if(MatchField != null) { @foreach(var field in MatchField) { <span> <button @onclick="() => PrintSymbolOnButton(field)" >...
  5. L

    Blazor Server Side Web Application with authorization?

    I have a Blazor Server Side Web Application that uses the default authorization and authentication. app.UseAuthentication() app.UseAuthorization() I can protect my pages with @attribute [Authorize] I have a login page with anonymous access to authenticate. This works fine. Now I need a...
  6. SaeedP

    why am I getting: "HTTP Error 500.30 error" when publishing the Blazor server-side site?

    Hello, I've made my web app on Blazor server-side and I'm trying to publish it on a windows server. I tried different methods to publish but all came to the same conclusion. HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure Why am I having this problem? You can see the result on...
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