1. karcs

    Resolved How do i cast a string type to a class type ?

    here is the ERROR MESSAGE:- Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'query' public static Xxl.Query QueryBySize(string SizeNo) { Query result = new Query(); result.SizeInfo.SizeCode = "Xxl"; Xxl.Query result1 = new Xxl.Query()...
  2. G

    Resolved using Project.FolderName is not working.

    I have this visual studio c# wpf program that I created a year back using online tutorials and stuff and I need to add more stuff to the project. But lot of stuff I dont remember so I am trying to just copy paste and edit it. But here comes the first problem. So in the solution explorer under...
  3. MonsterMMORPG

    My C# and ASP.NET Core MVC Lecture Videos

    Hello everyone. My name is Furkan Gözükara. I am a Ph.D. computer engineer from Turkey. I have a software engineering dedicated Youtube channel named: SECourses : https://www.youtube.com/SECourses I want to share a few of my lecture playlists. The playlists contain the full course for free...
  4. Automation23

    Resolved Establishing database connection with a using statement c#

    Hello everyone! I have two separate methods that open the connection and close it. But I need to implement a using statement. How can I establish the connection with a ‘using’ statement, so then I can implement database methods, validate the results, and then close/dispose the connection...
  5. L

    I'm looking for reviews for my code

    I'm a C# beginner and I don't really know how good my program is. I wrote a program that shows the user the weather at their location. I would be very grateful if someone would read it and give me a rating. you can find it here: https://github.com/LukasEber/WeatherApp
  6. M

    Question Are INotifyPropertyChanged and ValidationRule compatible?

    In my GUI I have a TextBox whose content can be edited at any time by the user and must be known in the code that has to use its latest value. The TextBox is already bound to the procedure that checks its content is in the proper range: <Window.Resources> <local:DoubleRangeRule...
  7. M

    Is there a C# code to read and display Excel sheets?

    I have been asked to do something to read and display excel sheets. If I was using MatLab it would be a piece of cake. Unluckily there is no MatLab license in the hospital where I work. I found a posted C# code. I downloaded and unlocked it. Unluckily when I compiler I got a lot of errors...
  8. L

    Resolved Blazor get html element using c# code

    I wanna build a Tic Tac Toe Blazor game. To print the fields I am using html buttons and a foreach loop: @if(MatchField != null) { @foreach(var field in MatchField) { <span> <button @onclick="() => PrintSymbolOnButton(field)" >...
  9. G

    Question string variable broken

    So, I'm using this bit of code in "Visual Studio Code" and it keeps saying: "Converting null literal or possible null value to non-nullable type." string name = Console.ReadLine(); This is the bit of code I am using and it should work fine! Please help me!
  10. toto_sharp

    C# which version to learn?

    Hi all, I've recently started learning c#, my question is which version of c# should I start learning?
  11. msaaaddev

    Question Can software in different cities uses the same database to store data?

    Hello Friends, I want to ask that can software in different cities uses the same database to store data. I am new to c#. I want to know if I develop software in c# and then install it in different cities(branches) of same company can I use the same database for all running software in different...
  12. DominusDRR

    Is there a way to get the MAC address of a device on a network based on its IP address? (C# & Android)

    Hi. I have an application made for Android in C #. I'm trying to get the MAC address of a remote device using its IP address as follows: public string GetMacByIP(string ipAddress) { try { // grab all online interfaces var query =...
  13. A

    linking API calls to buttons in my html document. (electron)

    So ive been given a task to link api calls to the frontend, however when I attempt to call the method using the "onclick" function nothing is happening. I've loaded the Javascript file within the head of the html document and also input the function name but still nothing is happening. Can...
  14. C

    Document presence recognition algorithm

    Hi All, I am trying to implement an algorithm for the detection of the document presence in C# ( with .NET Framework 4.6.2). There is a document holder where the document is inserted. The document holder background is red. In front of the document holder there is a camera that takes a photo and...
  15. sachin Shrestha

    What is Guidline For Vertical Spacing in c# When to do it asp.net actions

    Guidlines for Vertical spacing in c#
  16. stephyap

    How to setup identityserver4 on IISExpress?

    This is my appsettings.json in my asp.netcore3.1 Api: When I run the Api it gives me the error: Document Name Value Type disco.Error "Error connecting to https://localhost:80/.well-known/openid-configuration. The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception.." string...
  17. C

    How to get lt, lg values from string

    Hello Everyone, I have below string, i need to extract lt, lg values into new dictionary if s : N how to do this. please help me "\n{\n\t1619059179095 : \n{\n\tac : 13.0990000;\n\tlg : 58.4269473;\n\tlt : 22.4404507;\n\ts : N\n}\n}" Thanks Chandu
  18. K

    Question Anyone that can please help with this?

    uses System; public class program { public static void Main () { Random randomerare = new Random (); was randomNumber = random number. Next (1,101); int-counter = 1; var maxGuesses = 8; for (int i = 0; i <8; i ++) / * First used the variable “i”...
  19. 6atafrak

    need code for drawing this square

    Hey guys, I need help this is code for the triangle from photo protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e) { Graphics g = e.Graphics; Pen p = new Pen(Color.Blue, 2); int n = 3, m = 30; //1st int x1 = 100, y1...
  20. codify

    Question Project not opening on visual 2019

    Hello! I am trying to open this project. It should automatically open the rest of cs files which are linked to it. But when I open it my visual screen is blank.
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