1. J

    setting a new Form programmatically

    I have a Windows Form that I have set up by hand that includes a chart control. Setting up the form by hand works great. I want to set up the form programmatically with C# code to look the same as the by-hand form. I used the Size property from the by-hand form properties as well as the chart...
  2. Crystas

    Creating Form1 txt file, to use in Form2 (HangMan)

    I'm stuck... Form1: I created an easy Form with Name, LastName and Age. I save the FirstName and LastName in a log.txt file and i want to use it in Form2, but i can't get it to work. Here is the part of the code that i save the First/Last name. private void btn_next_Click(object sender...
  3. A

    Simple Activation Form

    Hello! Today i made a simple activation form that doesn't activate anything just says "Your copy of XY has been activated". Here is the repo link: [ SNIPPED ] I even attached the project file if you want to look at it or edit it. Have a nice day or night! :)
  4. H

    Refresh PropertiesWindow by program at Designtime

    Hi collegues. I have spent a lot of hours to find out how I could achieve my goal, but i have not come any nearer :-( So maybe you have another idea. What is the situation? I have made a form, a very easy form with nothing on it. This is the code: using System; using...
  5. U

    Question How to add multiple panels at the same location

    I am trying create an executable to install multiple installers. For that I am creating some screens in Visual Studio and as we click on next button, the elements should hide and new elements should popup. Foe that reason, I am using panels. And all these panels should be on same location to...
  6. L

    Question showing new forms

    Good Day everyone, I am writing my own web browser, just for something to do. I am able to surf the web and all with it but when i try to add a history form i crash. Well it works the first time and does record my history BUT as soon as i close the history window and try to open it again, well...
  7. NewGhost

    Question Search and binding data from datagridview

    I used this code but I only can binding. cann't search, When I have a littel edit, it only search. I want both, How must I do? Thankyou! privatevoid binding() { // luoihang.CurrentRow.Cells["TenHang"].Value; lbl_iMaDia.DataBindings.Clear()...
  8. M

    Simple horizontal scrolling animation

    I have a form which I want to use as a lock screen for my application. Within this form I want to have around 3 row's of images scrolling across the screen (these images will be pulled in from a database, not important at the moment). Having some layout issues, mainly background images within...
  9. R

    Question Where did my main form go???

    New to VC# 2012 Express. Some experience with C, Python, VB and IDEs in general. Doing great building my first program until I opened it for about the fifth time. The main form isn't there.?? I can build the program and run it, so I know it is there. Nothing in the "View" menu seems to help...
  10. R

    Question HUD and Form opacity

    I'm trying to create a HUD using Windows Forms, C# and VisualStudio 2010, with Windows 7 64-bit. My HUD is just a set of semi-transparent boxes that must provide additional information to the window they are attached to. The problem is that I cannot make my hud element semi-transparent when it...
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