Simple horizontal scrolling animation


Jul 8, 2014
Programming Experience
I have a form which I want to use as a lock screen for my application. Within this form I want to have around 3 row's of images scrolling across the screen (these images will be pulled in from a database, not important at the moment).
Having some layout issues, mainly background images within PictureBox's and Panel's. Within CSS you can set the style to fill the container, but not stretch the image.

As you can see the image is stretched to fill the "Panel" but it's stretched. None of the other options do what I want either, "Zoom" doesn't fill the container. I can't set the width and height of the Panel due to the form being liquid design, it could change in size depending on the screen resolution.
Is there anyway to do what I want? Could I use C' to detect the screen size and then adjust the Panel accordingly?
I have put some text on the image below to show the layout. Row1 has my Panel in it, and Row2 has the PictureBox, this will be in Row1, just moved it due to testing.
Here is a link to a quick GIF I made to show how I want it to work eventually, speed may e different, just a quick example, this will happen on each row, but will be going the other way in the middle row.
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