Question Where did my main form go???


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Feb 15, 2014
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New to VC# 2012 Express. Some experience with C, Python, VB and IDEs in general.

Doing great building my first program until I opened it for about the fifth time.
The main form isn't there.??
I can build the program and run it, so I know it is there. Nothing in the "View" menu seems to help.
How do I get it back, and what did I do to lose it? I'm afraid to do much. I don't want to lose the work I've done.
Are you saying that there is no node in the Solution Explorer for your startup form? What if you click the Show All Files button?

I found my form, but I have no idea how to do it again...

When I click on Show All Files, I see the list under "Class View".

Clicking the arrow next to my program name (Flags04), I see "frmFlags" (the name of my form)

Under that, I open "Base Types".

Clicking on "Form" shows me all the code I wrote.

The other tab under frmFlags is "Program"
Under that, and under "Base Types", I can click on "Object" and get a long list of what looks like functions, modules or event handlers.
As I continue down the entire list I get results, but nothing that looks like my form.

Eventually, I just kept clicking until on one screen, I saw "flags.cs", which when clicked, showed me my form.

By now, I have no idea how I got to "flags.cs" or how to get back there again.

Just above this window is a new search box labeled "Search Solutions Explorer"

How do I get back here if I lose my form again?
Don't worry about Class View. The Solution Explorer is the important one here. Can you see a node in the Solution Explorer for your form with Show All Files disabled and with it enabled?
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