1. Tony21

    Question GridView merge 50 tabels on one table?

    Hello, I am new bee to programin world, i know fundamentals of C#, i trying to build a web app on But i have a question, i want to get information from multi sql server that are about 50 db. how can i get this info to my app? i will use Grid Vew, but i am confuse how i will merge...
  2. Y

    Can i Have Dropdowns inside the Gridview for a column in DataTable

    Good Day I am a .Net Developer, Currently we are using ASP.Net Grid view’s, because of the features,etc. we want to Replace existing grid views with data tables. [] About our Current ASP.Net Grid view: We Use Same Grid view for Rendering Data, and also we allow...
  3. E

    Question Filter int32 filed in RadGridView according to textbox in main form

    I have a main form frmInnovation that contains a textbox txtInnovationID, and I have a Telerik RadGridView on the form TableSituations with a column InnovationNameID of type int32. What I want to do is to filter the RadGridView on form load according to the txtInnovationID...
  4. P

    Question GridView disappears while MessageBox is showing (if used on tab page)

    I have 3 GridViews, each inside a separate tab. Every row in the GridView is associated with a LinkButton, and when it's clicked a MessageBox are popping up, showing the content on that particular row. The problem is that when the MessageBox pops up the GridView disappears, and when...
  5. NewGhost

    Question Search and binding data from datagridview

    I used this code but I only can binding. cann't search, When I have a littel edit, it only search. I want both, How must I do? Thankyou! privatevoid binding() { // luoihang.CurrentRow.Cells["TenHang"].Value; lbl_iMaDia.DataBindings.Clear()...
  6. R

    hide row if column 4 or every row is (date < datenow)

    I only wanted to hide a row if startdate column of that row has this statement (startdate < presentdate). It deleted but only 1 row and I want to delete all rows if they have the statement (dtartdate < presentdate) is satisfied. But i always come accross errors. Please help me guys....I need...
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