Question GridView merge 50 tabels on one table?


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Dec 13, 2021
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I am new bee to programin world, i know fundamentals of C#, i trying to build a web app on

But i have a question, i want to get information from multi sql server that are about 50 db.

how can i get this info to my app?

i will use Grid Vew, but i am confuse how i will merge all this 50 tabels on one table on my app?

and also i need to have the opsion to filter each table separetly on the raport.

Thank you very much.
Unless you are working in a data warehousing situation, it sounds like someone either didn't design things correctly, or some people went over board with microservices. Something is very wrong with having to span 50 different databases or tables -- all of them with the same schema -- and then trying to show them as a single view.

Anyway, there's two approaches to your problem, hit all the databases/tables and compile the data into a list and then present the list in the grid view, or implement IDataSource and all the necessary views to support it (which will effectively query all the databases/tables), and then bind the grid view to that IDataSource. The former feels simpler if all you need is a read-only view.
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