1. Taiizor

    .NET WinForms UI/UX Component Library

    Welcome to ReaLTaiizor ReaLTaiizor is a UI/UX component library. It allows you to make modern designs using the various components it offers. Usage Step 1:Add a reference to ReaLTaiizor or search for ReaLTaiizor on the NuGet; Install-Package ReaLTaiizor Step 2:Enjoy designing Examples...
  2. NolansPapa

    Question How do I setup comboBox data source property to get a file from my HDD?

    I am a newbie....lets just start with forgive my very basic questions on this site.....please. I am trying to build a GUI for testing 3 different types of modules. I am using a comboBox with a dropdown with the names of the 3 different modules in the Collection property. Thats not...
  3. T

    Question GUI Toolkit, Html/CSS for GUI

    Hello. I am making a game client software and I'm currently researching which GUI toolkit I should use. I want my software to work on different operating systems ( Windows, Linux, OSX ). I figured that it's best to have the software look native on each os, so the look is slightly different on...
  4. J

    Question Using threads to improve GUI performance

    I have developed a GUI in c# .NET 3.5 using VS2008. One function of the GUI is to launch an executable written in Fortran using the Process class in System.Diagnostics. The code to do this is: ProcessStartInfo si = new ProcessStartInfo(path-to-executable, args); Process runProc = null...
  5. I

    Question creating gui canvas tool

    Hi! I'd like some advise :) I need to create a GUI environment where a user can design a GUI, that can be saved into a C struct that will later be used by a programmer to define actions. The GUI consists of a canvas and a menu of objects, such as buttons and images, that the user can place on...
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