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Apr 4, 2014
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I'd like some advise :)
I need to create a GUI environment where a user can design a GUI, that can be saved into a C struct that will later be used by a programmer to define actions.
The GUI consists of a canvas and a menu of objects, such as buttons and images, that the user can place on the canvas and define them, by stretching them with a mouse, or clicking on them do display a menu that allows him to change their properties.
Can I do such a think in Windows Forms?
If yes, van you please suggest a guide?
if no, are there any other tools I can use to create this?

Thanks in advance!!
Check these out as a place to start:

Very Simple Drawing Program
Manipulating GDI+ Drawings

My code is in VB but the principles are exactly the same in C#. The second thread includes some posts by NickThissen that will be even more helpful as they extend what I did and his code is C#.

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