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Aug 2, 2016
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I am making a game client software and I'm currently researching which GUI toolkit I should use.
I want my software to work on different operating systems ( Windows, Linux, OSX ).
I figured that it's best to have the software look native on each os, so the look is slightly different on every platform.
For example on OSX the icons to minimize, maximize, close are on the left, instead of right ( on Windows, Linux ).
Take the software steam for example, here is a picture of the osx version:

Also the taskbar contains items, that are otherwise ( on Windows, Linux ) also found in the topbar of the main window of the application.
Everything else however ( the actual content and other gui elements ) look similar on all the different os.
This is pretty much what I want. Except for the title bar, it's all pretty much the same.
Is there a GUI toolkit that I could use for this? So I only have to write platform-dependend code for the title bar, but don't have to rewrite everything else ( for the content etc. )?

That would be my first question.
Another question is, if it's possible to somehow use html/css to align and style everything? I know there is CefSharp, that let's you use chromium inside of WinForms/WPF applications, but I need it to be platform independend. Also: Can you use the html/css code in conjunction with c# to open a new window instead of just following a link and opening a new site?

Thanks in advance.
As far as I am aware, if you're using the titlebar built into an OS, that's what you get unless you custom code the element. The issue is that the title bar and so on are not part of your application(or even a c# library), but are instead part of the operating system itself.

I know in other languages I have used in the past one can overload the form itself, or use a borderless form and add the components to close and maximize on your own. Form Border Style of None.

Are you talking about just the client launcher or the actual application itself?
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