1. carl4020

    error CS0103: The name [name] does not exist in the current context

    Hello. Basically i suck at code at times and i am very shit at troubleshooting. I get these errors in my MeshGenerator.cs: Assets\Scripts\OpenWorld\Procedural Landmass Generation\MeshGenerator.cs(52,32): error CS0103: The name 'heightCurve' does not exist in the current context...
  2. M

    Resolved How to Implement DbSet and DbContext in Service-Repository Architecture?

    I am updating my .NET Core web app from just MVC to a Service-Repository pattern. My question is, how do you implement DbSet<> when you add the Service and Repository layers? I originally added these to my ApplicationDbContext file under the Data folder. Is this still correct? Then would I just...
  3. M

    Question How to Foreach Through ViewModels?

    How do you use a ForEach loop on ViewModels on .NET MVC? I have 2 models: A Park Model: public class Park { [Key] public int ParkId { get; set; } public string ParkName { get; set; } public string ParkState { get; set; } public string ParkLatitude {...
  4. S

    Question not understanding async completely

    Hi everyone, I have something that i simply need to get some help with. I am doing some exercises with async and await. I have this method that i want to make asynchronous. It simply supposed to take an array of strings, and then create a List of strings with the same content, but just with...
  5. smokereaper98

    unity slide to resize square

    lets say i have a square 2x2. when i slide my finger upwards i want it to get bigger in the Y axes and smaller in the x axes..and when i slide my finger down i want it to get smaller in Y and bigger in X. i have some code but i dont like how it works. can someone help me to create something better?
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