1. dv2020

    Resolved How to change currency,format of a column/cell in dynamically changing data grid

    Hi All, I'm trying to work out the best way to change a columns/cell to local currency on a dynamic data grid populated from MySQL The current data grid is populated dynamically from a MySQL query, where the headings and data can change. I would like the code, to check if the Heading of a...
  2. dv2020

    Winform Front end SQL/Query Builder for end user options

    Hi All, I'm currently exploring options to provide a front end user to query a database tables by selection which items/filters they want. I came across this product EasyQuery which looks promising. My initial though was simply to use a data grid/or traditional report and then have the user...
  3. B

    Question How to correctly made two depending Comboboxes?

    I have a problem with two dependent Combobox. I want to do the dependent Comboboxes. When selecting an area in combobox1, a free taxi located in this area should be displayed on combobox2. I found this video on YouTube and tried to use the code in this video...
  4. I

    Dapper Extensions - Methods not accessible by MySqlConnection

    Hi I installed Dapper and Dapper extensions from the NuGet package Manager but I'm not able to use methods like Insert, Delete, etc... Is there something amiss in my project. I have a model using Dapper; namespace TBT.Models { publicclassCategory { publicintId{ get;set;}...
  5. A

    Question Form invisible for some users

    Hi, I have a table in SQL with users, and some forms created with C# form app. My question is: "How can I make some forms invisible for some users(selecting users by username or ID)? In other words, I want do disable for simple users to make changes in a form.(disable authorisation) Best regards
  6. X

    application online through wamp server

    hello, can someone help me how can i make my c# application online through wamp server? or please send me online resources i can read im using mysql for database thank you.
  7. AsthreA

    Question creating 1 to many relationship in mysql?

    I'm new to mysql and currently using c# visual studio 2012.. I need a One to many ralation tutorial.. like for example I made a table called MovieList with 1 column name TitleMovie and now I want to create another table called acc1_MyWatchlist and inside of it was also a question...
  8. A

    Winform Application With MySql

    Hi to All, I am working on C# Winform application (Visual Studio 2010) with MySql as back-end. Meanwhile I am looking for a suitable solution to a problem about How will I deploy this application along with MySql server. As this will be multiuser application, embedded database is not an...
  9. A

    Create Trial Balance via Sql

    Dear All Experts I am new to Sql, and need some guidance to create a Trial Balance via Sql query in MySql. Consider the following scenario: Two Tables: 1.Accounts 2.Transactions Accounts Table fields details: AccNo (PK)(varchar) (5) AccName (varchar)(50) AccOpBal (double) Transactions...
  10. A

    Derek Slager?s BCrypt Class for C# Check Password Method failed

    Dear All, I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, C# Winforms & MySql Database. I am trying to use BCrypt class by Derek Slager for creating and authenticating username and password. A form is use to create new user to save Username and Password to database, but this Password is not...
  11. A

    Calling MySql Function for validating username and password

    Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, C#, MySql Hi, I've create a function in mysql which accept 3 parameter to validate username and password. DELIMITER $$ USE `generalledger`$$ DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS `fLogin_Check`$$ CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost`...
  12. A

    Set Location of ListView below DataGridView Active Row

    ools: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Language C#, Database MySql Hi, I am searching this a while, but to date didn't find any suitable solution. I've a form with bound DataGridView with 5 columns, ProductID, ProductName, Qty, Price and Amount. After normal data entry user can click button...
  13. A

    Suggestion required for Accounting Software core infrastructure

    Dear All, I am on the beginning stage on C# development. Currently I am developing an Voucher based Accounting Software with following: 1- Visual Studio 2010 2- Programming Language: C# 3- Database: MySql 5 At present, Database structure is as follows: 1.accAccounts (For holding...
  14. jcdb

    HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

    Problem deploying to my company's domain - "buildproviders" I encounter a problem copying all of my files (WebApplication) into my company's domain name using FileZilla. When I test my company's domain address, it says "The element 'buildProviders' cannot be defined below the application...
  15. N


    I have a button in my form and on click of that button I am writing this code.... OdbcCommand cmd ; cmd = new OdbcCommand("abc", cn); cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); I have made a procedure named abc in database which is returning only one row from...
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