1. D

    Resolved Problem displaying information in a listBox

    Hello, When I display all the agents in my listBox I get the right number of agents but not the right information. I get the result from the attachment. And here is the code of my function: public static List<Utilisateur> GetTousLesAgents() { List<Utilisateur> ListeUsers =...
  2. SiamIT

    Question How To DEALLOCATE PREPARE Statement Using Mysql.Data Client?

    Greetings.. hope you guys are fine? OK.. i am using MySQL.Data client/library to access and use MySQL database. I was using happily it for sometimes on quite a few project. But suddenly facing a new issue that causing me hold on my current project. :( Because current project makes some (looks...
  3. S

    Question Emergency Services Project

    Hello everyone, I am developing a project for the management of emergency vehicles, as you can see from the structure visible in the image there is a server and five clients, with many accesses to the server, I have now thought to avoid giving the access to the database to dozens of users to use...
  4. S

    Resolved Buttons for single row datagridview

    Hello everybody, I would need some help, I'm creating a program, and through the datagridview function I get the data from the mysql database, but I need to be able to add buttons (with images) on some lines. at this moment it adds the button on all lines Example: If the event has associated a...
  5. R

    Question Assistance in making a request

    Good afternoon. I need to make a query that outputs the authors of books sorted by the number of books in decreasing order. You only need to output authors whose number of books is greater than the average number of books by authors. A sample of my table, in which I managed to get only the...
  6. maddyrafi

    Resolved Delete Query Error on code

    Mysql Delete record query error, if i select record from gridview that record shouls deleted from mysql database private void button9_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (ID != 0) //if (textBox6.Text!= "" && textBox7.Text != "" && textBox8.Text != "") { string...
  7. PsychoNINJA

    Resolved issue with inserting data into database

    Hello csharpforums community, I have an issue that insert some data in MySQL Database by C# .NET Core 3.1 with MySql.Data.mysqlclient.dll and having these errors in console: Could not load file or assembly 'Renci.SshNet, Version=2016.1.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1cee9f8bde3db106'. The...
  8. dv2020

    Resolved How to change currency,format of a column/cell in dynamically changing data grid

    Hi All, I'm trying to work out the best way to change a columns/cell to local currency on a dynamic data grid populated from MySQL The current data grid is populated dynamically from a MySQL query, where the headings and data can change. I would like the code, to check if the Heading of a...
  9. dv2020

    Winform Front end SQL/Query Builder for end user options

    Hi All, I'm currently exploring options to provide a front end user to query a database tables by selection which items/filters they want. I came across this product EasyQuery which looks promising. My initial though was simply to use a data grid/or traditional report and then have the user...
  10. B

    Question How to correctly made two depending Comboboxes?

    I have a problem with two dependent Combobox. I want to do the dependent Comboboxes. When selecting an area in combobox1, a free taxi located in this area should be displayed on combobox2. I found this video on YouTube and tried to use the code in this video...
  11. I

    Dapper Extensions - Methods not accessible by MySqlConnection

    Hi I installed Dapper and Dapper extensions from the NuGet package Manager but I'm not able to use methods like Insert, Delete, etc... Is there something amiss in my project. I have a model using Dapper; namespace TBT.Models { publicclassCategory { publicintId{ get;set;}...
  12. A

    Question Form invisible for some users

    Hi, I have a table in SQL with users, and some forms created with C# form app. My question is: "How can I make some forms invisible for some users(selecting users by username or ID)? In other words, I want do disable for simple users to make changes in a form.(disable authorisation) Best regards
  13. X

    application online through wamp server

    hello, can someone help me how can i make my c# application online through wamp server? or please send me online resources i can read im using mysql for database thank you.
  14. AsthreA

    Question creating 1 to many relationship in mysql?

    I'm new to mysql and currently using c# visual studio 2012.. I need a One to many ralation tutorial.. like for example I made a table called MovieList with 1 column name TitleMovie and now I want to create another table called acc1_MyWatchlist and inside of it was also a question...
  15. A

    Winform Application With MySql

    Hi to All, I am working on C# Winform application (Visual Studio 2010) with MySql as back-end. Meanwhile I am looking for a suitable solution to a problem about How will I deploy this application along with MySql server. As this will be multiuser application, embedded database is not an...
  16. A

    Create Trial Balance via Sql

    Dear All Experts I am new to Sql, and need some guidance to create a Trial Balance via Sql query in MySql. Consider the following scenario: Two Tables: 1.Accounts 2.Transactions Accounts Table fields details: AccNo (PK)(varchar) (5) AccName (varchar)(50) AccOpBal (double) Transactions...
  17. A

    Derek Slager?s BCrypt Class for C# Check Password Method failed

    Dear All, I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, C# Winforms & MySql Database. I am trying to use BCrypt class by Derek Slager for creating and authenticating username and password. A form is use to create new user to save Username and Password to database, but this Password is not...
  18. A

    Calling MySql Function for validating username and password

    Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, C#, MySql Hi, I've create a function in mysql which accept 3 parameter to validate username and password. DELIMITER $$ USE `generalledger`$$ DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS `fLogin_Check`$$ CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost`...
  19. A

    Set Location of ListView below DataGridView Active Row

    ools: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Language C#, Database MySql Hi, I am searching this a while, but to date didn't find any suitable solution. I've a form with bound DataGridView with 5 columns, ProductID, ProductName, Qty, Price and Amount. After normal data entry user can click button...
  20. A

    Suggestion required for Accounting Software core infrastructure

    Dear All, I am on the beginning stage on C# development. Currently I am developing an Voucher based Accounting Software with following: 1- Visual Studio 2010 2- Programming Language: C# 3- Database: MySql 5 At present, Database structure is as follows: 1.accAccounts (For holding...
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