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Nov 29, 2012
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Hi to All,

I am working on C# Winform application (Visual Studio 2010) with MySql as back-end. Meanwhile I am looking for a suitable solution to a problem about How will I deploy this application along with MySql server. As this will be multiuser application, embedded database is not an option. It need to be a server based.

There should be one server, for which this combine deployment is required, for client, ofcourse only application installation is required.

So what are the options do I have for deployment? If I am offering this application available for download from a website, should I break it into 2 separate downloads? One is MySql itself (I am using XAMPP bundle for MySql because it is easy and portable), Second is the application alongwith it's all dependencies. If this approach is followed, then I've to setup whole database required by application from within the application (which I think is not so difficult). But then end user have to download the whole package of MySql, is there anyway I can reduce the size of whole XAMPP package as I am only using MySql database, As I don't use anything else in XAMPP (PHP/Apache/Mercury Mail etc) can I remove them so that size of bundle will be small enough for end user to download?

I've searching long for the solution, and many forums has many questions about it, but there are no helpful solutions. I am looking for better solution from experts of this forum.

Thanks and best regards

Hi Thanks for your reply,

MySql (with XAMPP or alone installer) is greater then 200mb in size, packaging with application will make it more or less about ~250mb approx. This application is planned to available for download for end-users, is 250mb application will be good for this? Or are there any lightweight options available for me?
I would suggest that it's a bad idea to provide a download that includes a MySQL installer, or at least for that to be the only option. If someone already has MySQL installed then they won't thank you for making them download it again.
I am also not want to include MySql with my application, how about make 2 downloads for end-users? One is just the application along with it's all prerequisites, and other is just the MySql. So those users who already have MySql need only to download just the application, and within the application I will execute the sql script to setup database required by application.
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