1. A

    Looking for non-novice books

    Hi, new here. I am looking for english or swedish books mainly about C#. The topics im mostly interested in is OOP, Threading, CLI, WPF (code to controls with data/text), How and when to use unit testing. Would be nice to have stuff that as self-taught, get stuff pointed out "like this and this"...
  2. mariodeghetto

    I will publish 3 books on C# (free preview + early bird edition)

    Hello, everyone! Excuse me for taking the liberty of asking you for help with a publishing project I have started. If possible, I would like to ask you to publish a post on your blog or in your technical community, indicating this link: (Free preview) My new book "Programming in C# – Basic...
  3. X

    Resolved OOP project help and info needed

    Hello I got an mock exam to practice, my real exam is in two weeks. I'm studying to become a teacher (this is an extra class I took) but with corona I had so many things to do including internship, etc. So I really I did not have a lot of time to practice C sharp. I only understand the basics...
  4. J

    Question Event without Delegate

    This Link leads to an event- example, but works without an delegate https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dot...erived-classes I spoke last week with an autor of a book, and some others, all sayd events always needs an delegate. I front them with this example havnt get any answer. So, question is...
  5. Monger

    Console Timer

    Ok for some reason I can't wrap my head around this just finished a basic C# class and I'm trying to get ahead of the game and learn some stuff and explore some options. I have my project that I want to add a timer each Potion : Item but, also follow some oop and inheritance concepts but I can't...
  6. J

    Question Help in OOP!

    Hi there I'm so confused in c# programming. I know some about OOP but it doesn't help me! I'm using DevExpress components and I don't know how to access it's controls' property. for example bellow diagram is for Radar Chart and I can't customize it's axis Could you please tell me how to use...
  7. JazzEngineer

    Question How do I call method without it's constructor?

    Attached please find a DrawPoker console game. I can't figure out how to call the CreateDeck or Shuffle methods without calling the Deck constructor. The problem is that calling the Deck constructor generates a new Deck object. This new Deck object is NOT referred to by the rest of the code. My...
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