1. A

    Looking for non-novice books

    Hi, new here. I am looking for english or swedish books mainly about C#. The topics im mostly interested in is OOP, Threading, CLI, WPF (code to controls with data/text), How and when to use unit testing. Would be nice to have stuff that as self-taught, get stuff pointed out "like this and this"...
  2. S

    Tip Technical Interview Resource for C# preparation

    Hello guys, I was preparing for my campus placements and found this resource for C# interview preparation C# Interview Questions and Answers (2023) | Adaface This site has C# interview questions and answers for beginner, intermediate and experienced candidates. These questions are categorized...
  3. mariodeghetto

    I will publish 3 books on C# (free preview + early bird edition)

    Hello, everyone! Excuse me for taking the liberty of asking you for help with a publishing project I have started. If possible, I would like to ask you to publish a post on your blog or in your technical community, indicating this link: (Free preview) My new book "Programming in C# – Basic...
  4. ReviveEarly

    Animation problem - simple fix

    Hello forum, hope you are all well. I have a little problem with my animation, which i'm certain is a simple fix. Here is my code in the update function if ((Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q))) { bool fire = Input.GetButtonDown("Q")...
  5. E

    Question mobile development upload videos

    Hello dear kind people. so I have a lot of experience coding for games in C# but its the first time that I want to code an "app" for android and iOS there are 3 things that this app does. 1- it gets a couple of numbers from the server and calculates it based on user input 2-I want to be able...
  6. J

    Azure SDK for .NET: Story about a Difficult Error Search

    When the PVS-Studio team decided to search for errors in the Azure SDK for .NET project, they were pleasantly surprised by its size. “Three and a half million lines of code,” they kept saying, studying the project’s statistics. There might be so many findings. Alas and alack! The project turned...
  7. I

    Tip How to capture a variable and not to shoot yourself in the foot

    Back in 2005, with the release of C# 2.0 standard we got a possibility to pass a variable to the body of an anonymous delegate by capturing it from the current context. In 2008 the C# 3.0 brought us lambdas, user anonymous classes, LINQ requests and much more. Now it January, 2017 and the...
  8. Xhalite

    Question Enter number, nothing happens?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to C#. I'm working on my computer science major and the only language I can safely say that I know fairly well is python (Though I have done stuff with C++ and Java). I chose C# because I like Windows and it looked like a good hybrid between Java and C++. Anyway, I had...
  9. H

    Question How "opened dialog" box makes an automatic picture selection?

    Our products have published a web page. This is a sectoral ads web site. We have a paid membership on this site. We publish hundreds of products on this site. we are paying to this web site for our publishings. We have a program and database and it contains our all products. From this database...
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