Question How "opened dialog" box makes an automatic picture selection?


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Jun 27, 2012
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Our products have published a web page. This is a sectoral ads web site. We have a paid membership on this site. We publish hundreds of products on this site. we are paying to this web site for our publishings.
We have a program and database and it contains our all products. From this database we want to send our products and data's automaticly to the website.
We speak to this website authority but they say "we havent got web service, sorry we dont do anything about it".
And after that we prepare a software like autofill form. Without pictures we sent all of the data's. we sent data's succesfully to the website but only we cant send pictures.
i want in the following commands;
In the c# webbrowser will automatically click the browse button with using x,y coordinate in a flash object. When click it automatically open a "open dialog".

And this "opened dialog" makes automatic picture selection.

But it doesnt makes automatic selection in flash object.

i want to send my pictures and datas from my database to a web site automaticly.
i send my datas succesfully. but idont send the pictures. because of flash open
dialog box problem

what i should do for it?

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