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  1. codify

    Question implement the crud operations?

    Hye, everyone. So I am following this video to implement the crud operations using c#. I had a discussing here too and I did the changes as they said! Still, the error is there! Please help me!
  2. alti

    Answered Conversions from c# to odbc sql server

    hello , im having a problem converting from datetime c# to datetime sql server using odbc and time c# to time(7) sql server this is my code: command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO pointer (Nom_employe, Date_Heure , Matin, Midi, apresmidi, Soir) VALUES ( ? ,? , ? , ?, ?, ?);"; //...
  3. G

    Trying to understand the database in visual studio

    Hi, I am trying to learn database management system that exists in my company. I am new to this. So there are things that I have understood so far. I want to know what I understood is correct or not. So there is this Database which when I checked in Visual studio is of type Microsoft Sql...
  4. R

    Question display dynamic Database relational schema

    im working on making an automatic OLAP cube with C# i need little help how to display an relational database schema (the database is taking from the SQL server )
  5. H

    Question How to call stored procedure with linq connection string?

    My problem is I use linq with connection string instead of dbml file, so stored procedure don't show in intellisense. Is there any way to call stored procedure with linq connection string? Thanks you!
  6. S

    Question How to call a stored procedure in a method to get the result in an array list?

    I need to call a stored procedure in one method to get the data and display it in one column of html table. the rest of columns are displayed by another methods and actionresults. (it's a mvc repository application). right now I can show the result of stored procedure in grideview, each column...
  7. B

    Tip Backup and restore Sql Server database

    This article explains how to Backup and restore Sql Server database using C# step by step Backup and Restore Sql Server database in C# - FreeLearningDz
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