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  1. accol

    Resolved Can't figure out why DataGridView isn't showing all the records inside table from SQL Server database on _Load()

    We are making a form where a user can log in and in turn upload listings for cars to sell, however, the data grid view for the listings isn't showing every entry even though it is in the database when it is being first loaded. I also notice too that updating the data grid view and refreshing it...
  2. Tom Peric

    Question How to Schedule a Job which Running Monthly once to Pump sql server table data to Oracle Table Data

    Hello Everyone, I need to create a job(.Net Framework console project) which needs to run monthly once to insert data from sql server table to oracle source table(which needs to insert every month records into the oracle table) Can someone please let me know any reference to do this kind of...
  3. lcorcoran1

    Send data from C# string object to SQL Server Database

    Hello, I have a console app that calls an API and gets a response in JSON I'd like to the "upload" this json into an existing SQL Server Table. Is this possible?
  4. Samuel David

    Resolved How to view sql command execution with Stored Procedure ?

    Hello Everyone, I have below block of code. private TData ExecuteReturnData<TData>(string procName, Func<IDataReader, TData> translator, SqlConnection sqlCon, params SqlParameter[] parameters) { using var sqlCmd = CreateCommand(procName, sqlCon, parameters); sqlCmd.CommandTimeout=120; using...
  5. Tom Peric

    Question Need Secured RESTApi Reference Project

    Hello Everyone, Can someone please suggest me sample reference project(Articles, Github, etc) of RESTApi with secured authentication & authorization for my future development project from scratch. My upcoming project(RESTApi) need to handle huge volume of records(need to maintain security...
  6. uzeren

    C# timer

    Hello, I'm doing a windows form project, in this project, when I subtract the entry date from the end date, I reflect the result to a column named remaining usage. What I want in the database is that this remaining usage decreases by 1 every 24 hours
  7. A

    Question Save Query Results into Excel and Automatically run it

    I have a very simple query Select * from Employees where company = 'Company A' order by firstName I want to run this query to run automatically on a daily basis and save the results in excel. Is their any way I can achieve this purpose? I tried using SQL server jobs but the output excel file...
  8. S

    Hi can anyone tell me why I'm getting a empty list back when executing this entity framework query?

    See code below: public ActionResult<List<string>> FetchConfig([FromBody] FetchConfigDto fetchConfigDto) { List<string> myResult = new List<string>(); _logger.Debug("getting config from database"); try {...
  9. Tony21

    Question GridView merge 50 tabels on one table?

    Hello, I am new bee to programin world, i know fundamentals of C#, i trying to build a web app on asp.net But i have a question, i want to get information from multi sql server that are about 50 db. how can i get this info to my app? i will use Grid Vew, but i am confuse how i will merge...
  10. A

    after add feature name and feature value query execution result take too much time ?

    I work on SQL Server 2014 and my issue occurred after displaying Feature Name and Feature Value separated by $. When executing the query below after adding Feature Name and Feature Value with stuff it became very slow. How to enhance it? Before adding the two stuff statements it took 28...
  11. Ouma

    I can't access my c# application in another pc

    I need your help PLEASE . I developed a desktop application ( c# ; .NETFramework 4.7.2 ) with Visual studio2019 & SqlServer2017 ; and I tried to deploy it but it doesn't work in another laptop . I get the error message : ************* Débogage JIT ************** Pour activer le débogage...
  12. S

    Resolved ASP.NET CORE : unhandled SqlException: Invalid object name 'Users'.

    Hello, im currently getting to grips with ASP.NET Core and I've ended up having an issue with one of my functions within my UsersController class. UsersController.cs public class UsersController : ControllerBase { private readonly IDBConnection _isqlConnection; private...
  13. Omer Butt

    Resolved Is it possible to retain auto increment even after deleting a tuple from a datagridview

    I want to ask if there is any possibility to retain the Auto Increment Primary Key Numbers after deleting a record. For Example there are 5 records save in a table if I delete a tuple ID 3 by clicking on a delete button from a datagridview it shows the ID sequence retained as 1,2,3,4 instead of...
  14. S

    Hi guys just have a question regarding parameterized queries.

    Initially I was concatenating my SQL queries, i was then informed that it would be best to use parameterized queries to prevent SQL Injection. I've now done that and everything works fine, however when posting on a forum yesterday about one of my queries not working properly, a person told me...
  15. S

    Storing values from a single column within a list.

    I would like to read all of the values from the column name "seatNo" and store those values within a list. I've done most of the code but i have absolutely no idea how to actually store the values Here is what i have so far: private List<string> seatNumbers = new List<string>()...
  16. S

    Resolved Accessing an individual value within a list

    I have a sign in method, which stores the details of a user based on the password and email that they enter. Within this method i call a function which stores those details inside of a list. My question is how would i be able to access those individual values? I want to be able to access just...
  17. S

    Resolved Getting error message regarding a foreign key when inserting data into a table.

    When signing up data will be stored within two tables. customerLogin and customer. The code for this is shown below, it works the way i want it to, inserting the correct details into both tables. { string query_1 = "Insert into customer (firstName...
  18. S

    Need some assistance with parameterized queries in visual studio.

    I'm trying to execute the following query, but its throwing an exception "Must declare the scalar variable \@dateFrom\ "." Does anyone maybe know why this is occurring? the dataType for dateOfDeparture is date. when i was using concatenation i was providing the format of the date...
  19. S

    Resolved Attempting to fill text boxes in user control once the user has logged in

    When the user logs in they will be taken to a dashboard where they can select different options. one of them being "Account details". within this user control I've set up text boxes which will be filled with the users details once they double click on the row within the DataGridView . I have...
  20. S

    Resolved how to transfer data from one grid view to a text box in another user control

    When the user double clicks on one of the bookings within the grid view, i would like to transfer the Id to a text box in a separate user control. Any ideas of how could I achieve this? Thankyou private void availableBookings_CellDoubleClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)...
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