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  1. C

    Resolved Resizing Visual Studio 2019 main window

    Hi all, New member here. I hope my first post is appropriate for this forum. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, Version 16.10.3, and find it very hard to resize the main window with the mouse. The resize border is very narrow, only a couple of pixels it seems, making it quite an...
  2. Ouma

    I can't access my c# application in another pc

    I need your help PLEASE . I developed a desktop application ( c# ; .NETFramework 4.7.2 ) with Visual studio2019 & SqlServer2017 ; and I tried to deploy it but it doesn't work in another laptop . I get the error message : ************* Débogage JIT ************** Pour activer le débogage...
  3. dv2020

    Resolved Refresh Winform Crystal Report Simultaneously

    Hi All, I'm trying to have all three of my crystal reports refresh at the same time. I am using the code below but receiving an error. //Allowing three task to execute at a time ParallelOptions parallelOptions = new ParallelOptions {...
  4. B

    Visual Studio 2019 stopped opening .cs / .xaml files that were open before?

    When opening a Project / Solution, Visual Studio 2019 also opened the .cs and .xaml files that were open when the Project / Solution was closed. It stopped doing that. Please advise.
  5. DavidEN

    Temporary folder error when publishing to visual studio 2019 folder

    Good, I have this problem, when I want to publish my visual studio 2019 project in a folder I get an error from the temporary folder, I already tried cleaning the project, deleting the bin folder and obj I deleted the temporary ones and I recompiled the project and I The error keeps coming out...
  6. Shane_Nicholson

    How do I save multiple combo box values to csv in c#

    I have a combo box that will save multiple string values from filtering out specific words. This is captured when the user copies/pastes the string. That all works fine. But I need to save the input to a csv file. Currently, I've only been able to figure out how to save the first value in the...
  7. dv2020

    Resolved Datagridview Lookup value from one cell in specific column and display in another?

    Hi All, Trying to adjust my code to a) When a user selects a value from the combo box in the data grid, it copies a value from a different column into another b) When the data grid refreshes, looks up each value and copies the look up values from a different column into another (for each row)...
  8. C

    MS-ACCESS Connection in ODBC

    Hello guys! So, please, i need help!! I want create a file MS-ACCESS, and connect in ODBC, and use this ODBC with the database ACCESS and connect this database in the Visual Studio, using the ODBC. How i make this, please, i need help!! I want connect the database ODBC in the Visual Studio. I...
  9. S

    How to set up a chatbot?

    I want to get my chatbot up and running asap, so i can start playing around with it/creating simple dialogue systems etc. I want to have something which can build on overtime and in the end have a sophisticated conversational AI. On another forum they suggested that I use the virtual assistant...
  10. G

    Resolved Visual Studio 2019 Template Type Difference "Windows Forms App" vs "Windows Forms App (.NET Framework)"

    In Visual Studio 2019 there are two template types called: Windows Forms App A project template for creating .NET Windows Forms (Winforms) Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) A project for creating an application with a Windows Forms (Winforms) user interface Is the only difference where...
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