1. oliv73

    Démmarer une application sur un autre bureau virtuel

    Bonjour, je suis actuellement sur win10 et je voudrais savoir s'il est possible de lancer une application sur un autre bureau (les bureaux virtuels de win10). Peut-être y a-t-il une solution avec Process.start(); ? Merci
  2. C

    Question For C#, windows is better than ubuntu?

    For C#, windows is better than ubuntu? I've just started to learn C# (I've arrived to switch, else if ecc), according to you, should I use windows? or ubuntu is ok?
  3. redexception

    Overwrite Systemfiles

    Hello, first of all I want to say I'm 14 years old and this is for educational purposes only! I don't want to damage any kind of person / system. So... I've built a program that overwrite logonui.exe with another logonui.exe . When I take ownership manually of the System32 folder everything is...
  4. Seb7100

    Question Disable Windows functions when program is running

    Hello, we are developing a program in WPF - C#. We need to block windows functionality such as the job list, start menu, log off, restart, close, windows + d, etc. That is to say, all kinds of admin stuff must be blocked. However, it must be possible that when the program is shut down there is...
  5. S

    Question communicate with Android over a USB cable

    Hello, have anyone a idea how I can communicate with a Android app over a USB cable and send strings between Android and Windows? There is a app called DroidCam with such an feature. It uses ADB. I hope anyone can help me.
  6. F

    WMI, Where did i go wrong

    I'm trying to use WMI to connect to remote PC's and run patch scripts. When I run my program I receive no errors or exceptions. When I remote the authentication and run on localhost it works. When I add the authentication back in having changed nothing it will never start the batch script on the...
  7. U

    Question how to save credentials of network shares in windows

    Whenever we try to access a network share it will prompt for credentials based on the shared folder settings. Like the below prompt Once you save them, they are saved in Windows Credentials of Credentials Manager in Control panel (run --> control keymgr.dll). But not able to found...
  8. andylsbc6

    Question image/video from WebSocket

    Hi all. I have a camera (now using Arducam OV2640) connected to ESP8266. I am trying to build something that sends websocket data between a C# application and ESP8266. The main purpose of this project is to build a robot, that can view the camera on the robot and control it using a C#...
  9. M

    Simple horizontal scrolling animation

    I have a form which I want to use as a lock screen for my application. Within this form I want to have around 3 row's of images scrolling across the screen (these images will be pulled in from a database, not important at the moment). Having some layout issues, mainly background images within...
  10. redserpent7

    Question Detecting a 3G connection in Windows 7 and 8 in a desktop application

    I am in the process of developing a cloud backup software. The application is a desktop application developed using C#. I need to add an option to stop/pause the backup if the computer was connected to a 3G network to save cost for the user. I cannot seem to be able to find any example on how...
  11. B

    Write Linux server monitoring tool for Windows

    Hi guys, I have a couple of Linux servers that I want to monitor. I've been searching for good, and free monitoring software but have not really found what I'm looking for. Now I want to see if I can build it myself. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar before. How should I...
  12. E

    How to open file location from list view item using context menu strip?

    Here is list of things I want to do: Display context menu strip only when mouse is over the item and right clicked on it, the code I have for that is this: private void contextMenuStrip1_Opening(object sender, CancelEventArgs e) { if (listView1.SelectedItems.Count ==...
  13. E

    Question How to format file sizes?

    Currently I have this code: public static class SizeUnit { public static string FileSizeToString(long size) { double FileSize = size; string[] format = new string[] { "{0} bytes", "{0:0.00} KB", "{0:0.00}...
  14. A

    FYI Windows phone application development contest

    devworx by Digit, in association with Microsoft is pleased to announce the Windows Phone Application development contest. Windows Phones have gathered popular consumer as well as developer interest in recent times. If you're an app developer, then you'd be pleased to know of exciting rewards...
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