windows form application

  1. M

    I need help with executing second project

    Hello i need help, i am new with C# could someone help me with executing second project Console application after clicking on button without this full way C:\Users\sajmo\source\repos\VoidSharp\VoidSharp ? screenshot: Screenshot
  2. S

    Resolved I need a bit of help with the inbuilt SQL server in visual studio...

    I'm currently working on a project where i need to create a booking system using the SQL server that comes baked in with visual studio. I just need a bit of clarification on how i would access the tables using code within the local db. I'm quite new to this, I've spent time learning the SQL...
  3. sj1597

    Answered Need some help in logic for making of the application

    So I am making a windows application in which I have store my recipe proportions. For example: if one pizza requires 200 gms flour,2 spoons of sauce,100 gms of cheese,250 gms of water...then what will be the proportions of the ingredients required for making 47 pizza's. P.S.: I am new to coding...
  4. P

    Radio Buttons Question

    I have a form with a group box that contains 3 radio buttons. When I run the form none of them are selected. I want the first radio button to always be selected when the form is run, but I'm not sure which property to change for that. I tried setting the Checked property to True but that didn't...
  5. The Techie

    export datagridview using office.word.interop.dll instead of Spire.Doc.dll ?

    How to implement the logic of the below code using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll? Now iam using third party dll(Spire.Doc.dll), instead of Spire.Doc.dll i want to use Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll . Please help me to implement this logic using office word dll. Thank you using...
  6. Dreamer

    Question windows multi form (Scissors, Stone and Paper-Game)

    I need to make three different forms to load : 1- a form when the results are tie, 2-a form when the computer wins, 3-a form when the user wins, I am trying now for one form which is; when the results are tie. However, it does not work tho i used a while loop for -checkresult();- method and I...
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