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  1. sj1597

    Answered Need some help in logic for making of the application

    So I am making a windows application in which I have store my recipe proportions. For example: if one pizza requires 200 gms flour,2 spoons of sauce,100 gms of cheese,250 gms of water...then what will be the proportions of the ingredients required for making 47 pizza's. P.S.: I am new to coding...
  2. P

    Radio Buttons Question

    I have a form with a group box that contains 3 radio buttons. When I run the form none of them are selected. I want the first radio button to always be selected when the form is run, but I'm not sure which property to change for that. I tried setting the Checked property to True but that didn't...
  3. The Techie

    export datagridview using office.word.interop.dll instead of Spire.Doc.dll ?

    How to implement the logic of the below code using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll? Now iam using third party dll(Spire.Doc.dll), instead of Spire.Doc.dll i want to use Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll . Please help me to implement this logic using office word dll. Thank you using...
  4. Dreamer

    Question windows multi form (Scissors, Stone and Paper-Game)

    I need to make three different forms to load : 1- a form when the results are tie, 2-a form when the computer wins, 3-a form when the user wins, I am trying now for one form which is; when the results are tie. However, it does not work tho i used a while loop for -checkresult();- method and I...
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