Resolved I need a bit of help with the inbuilt SQL server in visual studio...


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May 20, 2020
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I'm currently working on a project where i need to create a booking system using the SQL server that comes baked in with visual studio. I just need a bit of clarification on how i would access the tables using code within the local db.

I'm quite new to this, I've spent time learning the SQL language, I've got the SQL server object explorer set up with tables that I've already created and i no how to add data manually.

I'm just very unsure on how to access a table when wanting to view data in a DataGrid or insert data into a table e.g. customer login details

Can anyone help? any help would be much appreciated.

I've looked at videos online and seen people create the connection by storing it inside of a connection string? is that also what I'm supposed to do, or is that only relevant if you're transferring your database from MYSQL and Microsoft SQl server?

I'm just so confused.

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