1. dv2020

    Question GetDirectories Sort by Filename

    Hi All I'm using Directory.GetFiles to get a list of files, and populate the datagrid. Code is below. Everything is working, but I'm having trouble trying to get Directory.GetFiles to retrieve the list in filename or descending. How anyone any idea if its possible, and if not via...
  2. dv2020

    Resolved How to change currency,format of a column/cell in dynamically changing data grid

    Hi All, I'm trying to work out the best way to change a columns/cell to local currency on a dynamic data grid populated from MySQL The current data grid is populated dynamically from a MySQL query, where the headings and data can change. I would like the code, to check if the Heading of a...
  3. Zeus


    I'm new to winform. I built a webapp using ASP IDENTITY for USER registration. But now i have to use Credentials created by ASP IDENTITY to login in already existing window app(ADO.NET is used). How can i login in winform ???
  4. S

    Question Picturebox not refresh when the form is in background (not focus)

    Purpose: Mirror a window of an external process (directx game) by capturing images from this window and presenting the images in a picturebox using a timer. Problem: When my application is in focus, everything happens fine! But if I switch the focus to the Directx Game window the picturebox...
  5. S

    Question Text file search, combobox and Datagridview

    I have the following on a Winform: - Button - to open *.txt file, code already done and works - Combo Box - Display the dates found - Datagridview - show information for the date selected What code I have so far is: private void Historybutton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {...
  6. E

    Question Is It Possible to Access iPhone's Camera Directly to WinForm

    Hello and Good Day Everyone, i am not a Professional [C#] Programmer in anyway, this is my first job as a Software Engineer to be honest as i am a fresh graduate (Just a quick background about me) and i've been in this industry for only about 3 Months now my current project's objective is to...
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