1. G

    Resolved Textbox problem - Cannot Understand Text="						"

    <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="355" Margin="94,13,0,0" TextWrapping="Wrap" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="1811"><Run Text="Herstellerseriennummer:" /><Run Text="&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;" /><LineBreak /><Run...
  2. G

    Answered Combine multiple lines into a single line in a textbox

    Hi, I have a wpf application that has a textbox to which value is inserted using a scanner. At one time when I scan a single data, multiple lines comes into textbox which can be scrolled down to see. But I dont want them as multiple lines. I want to combine all lines into a single line and see...
  3. G

    Resolved Manuel_Eingabe is a namespace but it is used as a type

    Hi, I have a big application with a main window. The application is in wpf. I need to enter some values. So I created a second window called Manuel_Eingabe to enter the values. Now in the main window I made a button and created an eventhandler as click. Now when we click on the button, I need...
  4. G

    Textbox not filling with last letter of the entered string

    Hi, I have created an application for learning purposes. Its a wpf application. The application works like this. First is the main window. It has a button called open and a textbox. When I click on open a new window will open up. This new window has 3 textboxes and 1 button ok. The three...
  5. W

    Resolved Accessing windows element from another class

    Hi, I made a cook book app. It has a flow layout panel on the side and from it you can choose to view different recipes or write a new one. When you choose an option the main area of the window changes by switching user controls. The issue is when I choose to write recipe I want it to update...
  6. N

    List<string> to Datagrid

    Hi, I have a List<string> called DataOutput, which I obtained from converting a char array. (I know that it works as i have been able to write it to the output window.) I am trying to display it in a DataGrid either by binding in xaml or through the xaml.cs file. 1. how do i go about this? 2...
  7. sbondo1234

    Question Disable buttons if all checkboxes are unticked

    I have a DataTemplate that holds: <DataTemplate x:Key="hostListItem"> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <CheckBox x:Name="hostCheckBox" Margin="0 0 5 0" Unchecked="hostCheckBox_Unchecked" Checked="hostCheckBox_Checked"> </CheckBox>...
  8. J

    Hierarchical ViewModels

    I've created a UserControl which is a Calendar. It's almost identical to the Outlook calendar. Multiple calendars can be placed adjacent to each other to compare them, als shown in the image. For viewing the calendar, the user can choose between a month view and a week view. The month view...
  9. S

    Question I want my WPF program uses user's cookie

    so basically I want my 3rd party program (which will be created using c# on WPF) be an interface between the user and that site. Using WebBrowser class I wanna load the login page and after the user logged in(and passed CAPTCHA), he/she will fill some fields in the program, and the program will...
  10. H

    Question Start in learn WPF and I have a little problem...

    I have read this book https://www.tutorialspoint.com/wpf/wpf_tutorial.pdf and on page 22,23 this code example do not run.... and Am I missing? UserControl1.xaml using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using...
  11. R

    draw logical graphs in wpf

    I am new to GUI platform. I want to draw logical graphs in wpf. this is a sample graph. I have stored my values of 1s and 0s in a text file. Now I want to draw graphs from those values. Could you please recommend me from where to start. Thanking in anticipation.
  12. Neal

    Question WPF vs. Winforms 2018

    One of those questions that are frequent, annual, and indecisive! When considering a new project in 2018 what platform are you choosing for Windows and why? WPF is the current and future platform, some say, yet Winforms continues to grow by 3rd party vendors (I use Developer Express) as if WPF...
  13. A

    Connection to the database in WPF with MVVM design pattern

    I am a beginner at MVVM design patter and WPF I am trying to make a small example of connection to the MS Access database using the WPF and MVVM Light Toolkit patter design. here is the code I insert for the connection: Model / DataConnection.cs public class DataConnection {...
  14. SRX

    How to use styles inside a DLL?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so here it is, I'm making a DLL for me, to ease my job, because there are classes that I use in every project, so why should i duplicate them, when I can use one DLL to finish the job, I also wanted to add some controls to it, buttons, so its like...
  15. lmstearn

    Building Out-Of-The-Box Tutorial Examples

    Hi there, With VS2017 15.5.2, building Resources from Code-behind, the final topic on this tutorial page: Get: Having tried most of the suggested workarounds from SO, not a clue as to where to go from here- is it something to do with views at all? Also compiling Custom Dependency Properties...
  16. C

    Question Problem with WPF Slider ValueChanged action.

    So, on ValueChanged action I have this line: freqtext.Text = Convert.ToInt32(freq.Value) + " Hz"; When I compile project it starts and shows me an error: Sorry for "?"s .
  17. D

    Filtering a listview bound to a datatable

    I have a datatable bound to a listview which displays the output of a SQL select statement. I wish to filter what is displayed in the listview based upon text entered into a textbox above it. I have found numerous examples of filtering listviews in this way but all of them are using hardcoded...
  18. F

    WMI, Where did i go wrong

    I'm trying to use WMI to connect to remote PC's and run patch scripts. When I run my program I receive no errors or exceptions. When I remote the authentication and run on localhost it works. When I add the authentication back in having changed nothing it will never start the batch script on the...
  19. T

    Tip Sending SMS using TheTexting SMS Gateway with C#

    Sending SMS using TheTexting SMS Gateway with C# By Ahmed Introduction: In this article, I will walk you through a fast and intriguing approach to send SMS utilizing straightforward C #applications. I make it as simple as feasible for you so I have made both the windows and web demo...
  20. A

    Question DataGrid Collapsible

    My Problem is that my professor wants to combine same name in 1 row and will collapse on click. but I dont have any Idea how to do it can you give me some headstart thanks! more power this is my current view and my SP
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