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Jul 29, 2013
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I am new to web development with Visual Studio, and am using Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web and C#. I have Apress Press' Beginning ASP.NET and C#, and Pro ASP.NET and C#, but would like a good reference to the ASP.NET class library. Currently, I am using Microsoft's MSDN website, and cannot express how much I detest it. Does such a thing exist in print, and if so, where can I find it?

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Mark Russell
MSDN is the best reference there is for .NET programming, plus it's much faster than using a book. If you don't like it then I'd suggest that a reference is actually not what you're after. What sort of information are you looking for and what do you believe that MSDN doesn't give you that you need?
You are apparently a member of the sizeable army of people who never bother to click the Help menu in Visual Studio. If you had done and then you could have installed the appropriate documentation locally and been using the Contents, Index and Search functions of the Help Viewer. If you don't look then you don't find. The Help menu should be one of the very first things that any new developer investigates but it seems to get ignored more often than not.
Truly, you are a helpful {man|woman|other}. Ich bedanke mich.

I'll go with "man" on this occasion, although some may consider "other" more appropriate. :)
I prefer to be able to tab a book. Using MSDN, I spend more time trying to find my way back to a document than using the document.
That's basically what bookmarks are for in browsers. Because I have a lot to read and that can take a long time to get through I usually find it more convenient though, to save shortcuts to various articles and other web resources in computer folders. In Chrome this is a simple dragdrop operation from address bar icon to designated folder. When I do more extensive research on a subject I organize these shortcuts in separate folders, for other loose articles I just have a common 'To Read' folder.
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