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Jul 8, 2014
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Can someone please teach me and walk me through trying to this kind of program? I'm beginner to c# and am going through Joes2Pros book and some YouTube videos, but I'm trying to figure out how to do something and I've no idea how to do it.

I believe I've got the right URL references from the SDK if someone would be willing to help me translate it into the program..?

My plan:

1. Have a ComboBox on the GUI, and in this ComoBox, it will be populated by a list of people I have open Instant Messages with in Microsoft Lync 2010.
  • Lync 2010 contacts are known as URI's (like but the Instant Message window title would be the person's Display name (like Firstname Lastname). I'm trying to get the list of people I have open IM windows with into the ComboBox.
  • Lync Model API Contacts and Groups Walkthroughs (Lync 2010 SDK) - Lync Model API Contacts and Groups Walkthroughs (Lync 2010 SDK)

2. Have a button that, when pushed, takes the selected URI/Contact I have selected from the ComboBox and sends them a pre-defined Instant Message.
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What have you done and where exactly are you stuck?

Well it's probably just out of my league. The C# tutorials on Microsoft for Lync 2010 seems just too much for me to comprehend at my level. There are so many lines and orders of logic needed to simply Send an Instant Message that I've no idea how to replicate it into my own customized GUI with a few extra features.

Right now I'm using AutoIT. I have a ComboBox that populates itself based on opened instant messages by using the WinList of "IMWindowClass" window classes. Then within AutoIt, obviously it's easy, to just have pre-typed things to send, where I'll then use a ControlFocus and ControlSend method to the area of the IM window you type in ("[CLASS:Internet Explorer_Server; INSTANCE:2]").

No idea how to translate this over to C# but it's enough for me to get by for now for my needs I guess.
I'm not a programmer nor looking to program, just trying to script my daily IT jobs in the most efficient way as possible.
If you want to pay someone to create something for you then there's a Projects For Hire forum. This forum is where you ask for other people's help with your issues in your own Windows Forms projects.
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