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Sep 3, 2016
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Hi all,

Chasing some opinions on what I am trying to do.

I am creating some base classes that are to be used within and external to AutoCAD. Which of the below options would be best practice/give best flexibility?

Option 1
Reference in base class and create extension methods for AutoCAD.

Option 2
Derive a class from the base class and add in all the AutoCAD functionality

Option 3
Have virtual methods in the base class and override them in the derived class in AutoCAD

Option 4
Something completely different that I haven't considered.

Happy to hear all thoughts on this.


What I am wanting to do, is have use the base class as a reference in my standalone app that reads project details etc and the user can modify by serializing and de-serializing the class to/from xml file.

In AutoCAD I want to be able to use the properties in the base class as parameters when calling AutoCAD methods.

Not sure if I have made that any clearer. Having thought about a bit more, it would seem to me that option 2 would be out, as I would have 2 separate classes trying to be serialized into one.
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