C#.NET Developer consulting opportunity in Research Triangle Park, NC


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Jan 13, 2014
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Currently looking to fill a C#.NET Developer position in Research Triangle Park, NC for my Fortune 100 client. If you or someone you know is a good fit and interested in learning more, reach out to me at mpoage@ttiofusa.com.


We are looking for a developer/Analyst with Structured Products experience. The ideal candidate would have excellent development and database management skills. The perfect candidate would have experience supporting the trading and research desks and is familiar with Intex API and loan level data from CoreLogic.

- Support Non-Agency monthly production cycle which includes data boarding, quality control, batch jobs monitoring, and report distribution. Long hours might be required on certain days in the month.
- Support existing web tools including SPDG internal Web portal and a host of ETL apps.
- Play a key role in migrating apps running on SQL 2000 to SQL 2008/2010.
- Work with the trading/research desks to capture requirements and provide ad-hoc mortgage analysis.

Key skills:
- Strong ASP.NET, C#, VB/VBA, JAVA script on Windows platform
- Strong SQL Server 2008 skills (programming & management)
- Experience with Perl and Curl

Additional preferred skills:
- MVC, AJAX skills
- Experience with Intex API, CoreLogic loans data
- Experience in Structured Products Agency and Non-Agency securities
- Understands CPRs, CDR, Loss Severities, loan level data stratifications
- Understands cashflows, CMOs, Pass-throughs

Group background:
Structured Products Data and Research group (SPDG) provides data, tools, and ad-hoc mortgage analysis to the trading, research and modeling desks. Individuals in this group are subject matter experts supporting multiple product lines including Agency MBS, Non-Agency ABS/MBS, CMBS, and CDO and have a vantage point allowing them to build knowledge of multiple products. The groups develops RAD solutions and manages large databases with data sourced from vendors such as Intex, eMBS, Reuters, LoanPerformance, Trepp, and other economic data available on public websites.C#
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