C# Tutorials for Absolute Beginners - 400+ Tutorials


Mar 23, 2014
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Hi Everyone,

I have just finished 400+ video tutorials on C# and still working on more. I tried my best to cover all the topics including classes, structures, delegates, interfaces, LINQ to objects, creating sortable class, streamwriter, streamreader, custom exception class etc. I am looking for some feedback about the youtube channel.

C# Tutorials for Beginners

Any suggestions and criticism is humbly accepted! :) :distracted:
So many tutorials.. Thank you!

Just throwing ideas for tutorials on making simple applications (like the ones you posted) :

  • WindowsForm with listbox control, button to prompt for a folder of files and to populate the listbox and a button to write stream to a .txt file (from the listbox's content).
  • WindowsForm with listview/threeview control(s) with a purpose to take notes (add/remove), that are stored somehow.
  • A simple scripting to an application (say MS Excel/Office)
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