Converting a Visual Studio web application to a windows application


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Jul 17, 2011
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I have recently built a website in visual studio 2008.. Now i want to convert it into a desktop application. If there is any procedure then guide me .. Or i have to build it from scratch... ????:confused:
Hopefully you did a good job of separating the presentation layer from the business/data layer so you would only have to redo the presentation layer for the windows application. There is no "auto converter" that will convert one to another.
Ok you mean that now i would create a new project -> windows form application.And copy my whole App_Code folder there in solution explorer window. But All controls used in website form example GridViews ,list, radio buttons , dropdown list and all other controls will be working fine there???
Basically the website is a record keeping website of a factory.. strongly attached with database.. I have used SQL there..So it would also be working there..???? Or guide me that if this software is for a factory. then which UI is suitable for it...Or windows form will be ok.. ????
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Well windows form works best where you short time for filling up the forms like counter sale. So my advice would be to go for win forms but you can still have a part of it made in ASP.NET to show the reporting on web crystal report makes that part
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