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Jun 20, 2012
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I would like to create a hosted non-visual service using an asynchronous programming model.
 The service should expose a method that reads the content of a file from a very slow hard drive (making the request take a long time) and return the content as a string, but still be able to handle lots of traffic.

Caching is not allowed.

Since I am very new to C#, I was wondering what could be the starting points for this.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

I don't really see how what you're asking for would be possible. When you say "a hosted non-visual service" that basically means a web service. Using an asynchronous model, what would normally happen is that you would call a method and specify a callback via a delegate. The method you called would begin a task on a secondary thread and then return immediately, invoking your callback method via the delegate when the task is complete. In your case, you can't provide a delegate to a method on your local machine and have the web service invoke it remotely. Perhaps it might be possible to use MSMQ if you were connected via VPN but that's getting beyond my expertise.
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