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Sep 18, 2021
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Hello dear community,

I want to make 2 program (Console and WinForm)

I would like to write my main progress and main scripts in console that I want to place it in windows VPS included with MySql Database in it, all data managements in database will requested by client-side WinForm by user, then send it to console app (Server-side) then do everything requested by user in client-side.

My second program is client-side (WinForm) can communicate to Console app (Server-side) via VPS IP in client-side WinForm program requests some actions, revealing or showing some data sent by server-side program (console app)

How can I make these application able to communicate with each other or transfer some data?

sorry if my grammer in english is bad, and sorry if my words arent understandable.
Considering that the original web servers used ASP, yes this is doable. ASP on the backend were just console programs. You'll just need to some way to route commands from your WinForms app to the console app running on the server, just like the good old ASP days.

The tradition approach is to run a Windows service or a daemon on the server. The service or daemon open up a port that you your client side app can send commands to, and get responses back from. This was before the rise of the web. The more modern approach is to expose a web service on the server -- the only major difference being instead of using a specific port and custom protocol for the commands, you'll now be using port 443 (or 80), and HTTP as the protocol for commands.
Not a console project; a REST API project. Add swagger gen too, and then use a tool like NSwag or AutoRest on the client side to easily link up the client and the server

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