Question Open a Window from another project in the same solution

Walter Moll

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Oct 16, 2015
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Hi guys!

Hope you can help me... :)

I have a solution and 2 projects on it (let's name them project A and B). Considering my requisite, project A can't have reference to project B and project B can have reference to project A.

Problem: I need to write a code in project A opening a Window from project B using a string. This string can be the object name, Window name, namespace or whatever. This string can be anything that I decide, as long as it works. I found lots of examples to do it on internet (Application.LoadComponent, Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly, Uri, ...) but non of then work in my case, maybe because there is no reference between A and B project.

Someone knows what I could do?


VS: 2015
Language: C# (WPF - both projects)
Framework: 4.5.2


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Apr 23, 2011
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You're talking in projects but, at run time, projects don't exist. It's assemblies that are running at run time. What is the relationship between the assemblies? Are they both EXEs? Are they both going to be running at the same time? Are you saying that you want one application to tell the other application to open a window or are you saying that you want one application to open a window within its own process of a type that is defined in the other assembly? You need to be very specific because the solution would vary based on exactly what you want.
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