Problem with localdb - Missing Tables


Nov 11, 2016
Programming Experience

I'm hoping there's something I'm missing in Visual Studio (2015 Community) here, but I'm working on a small app that uses a service-based database. In SQL Server Object explorer, over the past few days, I've added and changed tables, performed the necessary 'Update', saved all files etc. and exited after multiple tests worked fine.

What I thought was a strange occasion where something must have gone wrong a few days ago has struck again just now. In SQL Server Object Explorer, I've expanded the server that contains my database and noticed I'm missing at least 3 tables! These tables were added at different times over the past couple of days. Also, a table I renamed about 4 days ago has returned to its previous name.

I decided a moment ago to remove the connection within 'Server Explorer', add it again by browsing to my .mdf file, and it's showing the same (incorrect) table data as when I first opened it about 30 mins ago (this file is set to 'Copy if Newer' in the properties).

It's probably (and I hope) a schoolboy error somewhere on my part, but whatever the case, is there any chance of getting my previous numerous updates back?

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