Question tutorials about manual window creation?


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Apr 6, 2015
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I am new here and new to C#, I did see some C# tutorials yet I find it very similar to java, a language that's well-known to me. In Java I was creating an RPG game using code only yet tutorials I find show me how to do it using Microsoft Visual Studio's design editor. I have Visual Studio but I'd like to create the game using only code and images in an assets folder. If anyone could direct me to any tutorials to creating a fullscreen window in code and using some sort of graphics editor to manually draw images or individual pixels to such window? If this helps to anyone who is familiar to java, I'm trying to find tutorials of C# equivalents to JFrame, JPanel, Canvas, Graphics and/or Graphics2D etc.

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You should look for the term GDI+ in conjunction with C#. In .NET, you will use the Graphics class to draw text, images, shapes and the like onto Windows Forms controls. You might also consider looking into WPF if you don't mind learning to use XAML, as it was built from the ground up with better support for this sort of thing. It doesn't use GDI+ so doesn't suffer from its limitations.
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