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Jan 16, 2017
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So I know that this could be a big leap, but I really want to get into using APIs in C#. I think if I could even make something simple, it would motivate me to program bigger applications.

I had a look at some YouTube videos, but they covered things like ASP.Net. Is that what I have to learn if I want to make windows applications using API?

I don't want to build for the cloud and I want to work with APIs from Yahoo that deal with financial data.

Is that possible on computer applications or do I need to learn ASP.Net? Also, any pointers on what sources to look at?

ASP.NET is the overarching technology for building web applications in .NET. If you want to build a web app then you'll use ASP.NET and if you don't then you won't.

Developing against an API really just means referencing a third-party library. If it's a managed API, i.e. .NET, then you will simply reference the appropriate library and away you go. If it's a web API then you will need to learn how to make web requests in .NET. If it's an unmanaged API then you'll need to learn to use Platform Invoke.
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