VS 2012 Express Download iso?


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May 9, 2014
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When I go to Download the 2012 Express, I see 2 separate files with no further explanation;

1) wdexpress_full.exe

2) VS2012_WDX_ENU.iso

There is no explanation on what I should download OR how to get VS2012 Express installed.

Can anyone help?

thx a bunch,
Here's the main VS download page:

Download Overview

There are two download options and the icons indicate what they are. The first one is a web install, downloading a small web installer first and then downloading components as needed during the installation. The second is an ISO disc image, which includes everything that you might need that can be burned to a physical DVD or mounted as a virtual drive and used to install on multiple machines without downloading multiple times. In short, if you want to install once then use the web installer, otherwise use the ISO.
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