VS2015 - MVC Web App - Create Entity Classes - Where's Server-side/Client-Side?


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Apr 5, 2016
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It has been a while since I have worked in the Visual Studio Environment.
I have Visual Studio 2015 and also installed Web Tools.

I am going thru a ASP .NET 5 Web App tutorial [ConsosoBooks if anyone is familiar].
I believe this tutorial was written using Visual Studio Express or an earlier version so am never quite sure when things appear different if it is just a change in the IDE or if I missed something.

I created an ASP .NET Web App project and specified the Web Application template.

The step I am at now is to create entity classes [data].

The tutorial indicates to select Models in the Solution Explorer, right click and select Add - New Item.
Then their screen shot shows Server-side selected in the upper left pane [under Installed] and to select Class in the center pane.
My screen does not have Server-side or Client-side listed.
Instead, I see Visual c# and a tree [Code, Data, General....]
Visual C# [at the top of the tree] is highlighted.
Have I already gone of course?

I appreciate any suggestions, direction.....or perhaps a different online tutorial for an ASP .NET Web App using MVC in the Visual Studio 2015 environment.

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