1. P

    How to loop through JSON data?

    Hi, I am calling an api and this is the return data. Could you please help me to loop through the JSON data? The JSON string - { "Outputdata": { "@xmlns": "", "@xmlns:xsi": "", "TASK_0"...
  2. sudarshan patil

    Question learning with .Net framework 3.5 and 4.0?

    Is there any issue learning, SQL-server with .Net framework 3.5 and 4.0 fundamentally any issue?
  3. Algorithme T

    I have an error which says 'House' does not contain a definition for 'Display'

    I initialy created my class which contained constructors and method Each of them has been saved in different files found in different folders , now the methods are in the Services folder and the constructors in Models folder using HouseMS.Models; namespace HouseMS.Services { internal...
  4. MonsterMMORPG

    My C# and ASP.NET Core MVC Lecture Videos

    Hello everyone. My name is Furkan Gözükara. I am a Ph.D. computer engineer from Turkey. I have a software engineering dedicated Youtube channel named: SECourses : I want to share a few of my lecture playlists. The playlists contain the full course for free...
  5. A

    Resolved Can we use ADO.NET with ASP.Net Core Web App(MVC) ?

    I am learning MVC. I had previously worked on ASP.Net Web Applications(.NET Framework) in which we used webforms, edmx, and to connect to the database for CRUD operations. But I don't see any edmx option in ASP.Net Core Web App(MVC) . I want to create a login page . I have the following...
  6. R

    create a dashboarding web app?

    Working on a new job in which they need me to stabilize an ASP.NET/C#.NET web application that was written a few years ago...the code is spaghetti code! The view logic, business logic, and database logic are all thrown together in the same functions. Not a single comment line. Poor variable...
  7. Tony21

    Question GridView merge 50 tabels on one table?

    Hello, I am new bee to programin world, i know fundamentals of C#, i trying to build a web app on But i have a question, i want to get information from multi sql server that are about 50 db. how can i get this info to my app? i will use Grid Vew, but i am confuse how i will merge...
  8. james

    System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden

    HI. sir .. Can anyone help me to resolve it ? :ROFLMAO: (C# , HttpWebRequest) Why can't I crawl the data of this page ? System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden ------------------------------------- HttpWebRequest request =...
  9. sachin Shrestha

    What is Guidline For Vertical Spacing in c# When to do it actions

    Guidlines for Vertical spacing in c#
  10. Siwar Ha

    edmx in .net core

    im new to .net core and im trying to add edmx to my project and this is not available for .net core i want to know if .net core is always code-first and i need to write all by code ? I have 3 layers for my application : 1. DATALAYER 2. SERVICELAYER 3. AND API All in .net core what...
  11. Nick...

    Starting C#

    My first question is where can I learn C #. Note: I know programming logic and have some progress in C #. My second question is windows form or Is there anything we cannot do with but can do with windows form? I am thinking of turning to the web field later. What kind of roadmap...
  12. codify

    'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'into' in button code of webform

    So this is the update button code of my webform. Its giving this error at "comm.ExecuteNonQuery();" . How ever button1 which had insert operation showed no error with this. protected void Button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Data...
  13. aadi56

    Resolved Please help me with and mongoDB

    I am trying to make employee registration page in with database as MongoDB. What I want to do is to have the unique email id, when a user tries to register with a email id it should show that email id already exists in the database I am not able to figure out how to do this in MongoDB...
  14. Sriram

    Can we auto generate nunit test cases in Visual studio 2013

    I have to write nunit test cases for the huge application made of aspx.cs files tat too in Visual studio 2013 professional , can I auto generate the test cases if possible with this version or any other better ideas to write test cases, as it contains more number of dependencies & complexities
  15. Sriram

    Question Nunit testcase Creation & integration

    We need to create nunit test cases for ASP.NET application. For example we need to write a test case for login page do we need to create the test case file within the solution or in different solution & then how we call the source function in the test case file
  16. Merit

    Question Customizable keybinds

    Hello all, So basically, in my programming the user can press the default key that i have set, which is F1, to enable a feature. However, i want the user to be able to change this key. so for example, a dialog pops up and asks them to enter the key they want to set for that feature then it...
  17. S

    Highly Detailed Roadmap for .NET WEB Devs

    Hi guys, I'd like to share with you a Highly Detailed Roadmap for .NET WEB Devs: It includes various topics like C# Programming Language, Multithreading and Asynchronous Programming, Design Patterns and Principles, SOLID, Distributed Systems and Microservice...
  18. W

    Column Data Entry

    I have a below table structure. I am using c# and to achieve this but did not get success. Empcode Itemcode category city sales I have created userid and associate category and items with it. I would like to create a form below for data entry when user log in. I have also associated...
  19. E

    Question NEEDED TOPICS Web App development

    I am new to ASP.NET. I have been coding web apps in PHP for seven years now. Due to its pitfall, I desire to switch to more robust web app technology. I have viewed some free videos on YouTube: C# ASP.NET MVC for beginners by Josh Hamedani, but I don't still know the total topics I need to...
  20. I

    Dapper Extensions - Methods not accessible by MySqlConnection

    Hi I installed Dapper and Dapper extensions from the NuGet package Manager but I'm not able to use methods like Insert, Delete, etc... Is there something amiss in my project. I have a model using Dapper; namespace TBT.Models { publicclassCategory { publicintId{ get;set;}...
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