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  1. philip

    Question Dispose webView2

    Hi good day! I'm displaying a pdf from local machine using webView2 from Microsoft.Web.WebView2 by Microsoft installed through Nuget Packages. Now I'm really confused should I manually dispose webView2? but it says that webView2 is managed resource base on chatGPT. I just want to make sure that...
  2. H

    Create Transparent richtextbox C# Windows Forms

    using System; using System.Drawing; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using System.Windows.Forms; //---------------- Hello It's Me Amro Omran ---------------- \\ //---------------- Hotmail.Home@gmail.com ---------------- \\ //---------------- Visit My Youtube Channel...
  3. Jfisher387

    Resolved How to pass extra parameter to PRintPageEventHandler

    I am trying to print a page for each item within my BindingList. I'm all but there. but struggling to work out how to pass the item from the list without getting an error. Below is the code I am currently at. My error is on line 15 i get "There is no argument given that corresponds to the...
  4. Manie Verster

    Question Create PDF document from data

    string pdfReport = ""; DateTime now = DateTime.Now; if (RecipeID == "0") { pdfReport += "Recipe_All_" + now.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss") + ".pdf"; } else { pdfReport += "Recipe_" + RecipeName + "_" + now.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss") + ".pdf"; } string...
  5. Samuel David

    Upgrade .Net Framework 4.7.2 Solution to .Net 8

    Hello All, In My webforms project, my Solution having multiple projects which are developed in .Net Framework 4.7.2 and my requirement is to upgrade current solution to .Net 8. Can some one please suggest me how can i achieve this. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Sam
  6. aaron-tay

    How to deploy and host ASP.NET framework web application on Windows Server 2022 and Ubuntu 22.04?

    I developed web application using ASP.NET framework 4.7.2 in Visual Studio 2022. I should deploy it on the following servers. OS: windows server 2022 (cloudzy.com), ubuntu 22.04 (hostinger.com) I've read some blogs and articles on how to deploy and host this, but it doesn't help much. I think...
  7. naraomur

    504 Gateway Timeout: STRANGE!!! while server accepting the file into DB the response is not making it to the Client

    I have service that uploads and parses line by line into DataTable and records it via SQL bulk copy into the DB. Locally this service works fine with overall implementation in 20 secs and in LAN dev server takes a little longer in 46 secs. But when I run it on test server (the server for...
  8. Janhvi

    Which version of c# should I learn as a beginner?

    as a beginner should I worry about the version of c#? Can I learn c# with any version? or not? and each version will have the same fundamentals or not?
  9. Janhvi

    Is there any issue learning C# and ASP.NET MVC with .NET framework 3.5 and 4.0 if there are jobs on .NET?

    I am a beginner and want to learn C#.NET and ASP.NET MVC but I am learning C#.NET and ASP.NET MVC with .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0. I just wanted to make sure That I have seen so many jobs on .NET and they want skills like C# and ASP.NET MVC so If I learn C#.NET and ASP.NET MVC with .NET...
  10. Renu

    Question Is there any issue learning C#.NET, ASP.NET and ASP.NET-MVC with .NET framework 3.5 and 4.0?

    Just I want to make sure that I`m learning c#.net ,asp.net, and asp. net-MVC with .NET framework 3.5 and 4.0 So fundamentally any issue? and after learning these with .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0, Can I work with the organization? So just I want to make sure fundamentally any Issue learning...
  11. accol

    Resolved Can't figure out why DataGridView isn't showing all the records inside table from SQL Server database on _Load()

    We are making a form where a user can log in and in turn upload listings for cars to sell, however, the data grid view for the listings isn't showing every entry even though it is in the database when it is being first loaded. I also notice too that updating the data grid view and refreshing it...
  12. SaeedP

    What is the process of adding an API to the most recent release of Blazor server?

    Hello, What is the process for creating an instance of a class within a Blazor component and utilizing its methods? By "latest version," I am referring to the most recent release. thanks, Saeed
  13. sudarshan patil

    Resolved Can I Use Visual-Studio-2019 to apply .NET frameworks like 4.0 to 4.8.1

    Please help me someone ,just I want to know that Can I use visual-studio-2019 to target all .NET frameworks Like 4.0 to 4.8.1 version wise all new features and new changes will be applied in visual studio 2019 means version wise all new changes of c#.net, asp.net and asp.net-MVC will be applied...
  14. Tom Peric

    Question How to Schedule a Job which Running Monthly once to Pump sql server table data to Oracle Table Data

    Hello Everyone, I need to create a job(.Net Framework console project) which needs to run monthly once to insert data from sql server table to oracle source table(which needs to insert every month records into the oracle table) Can someone please let me know any reference to do this kind of...
  15. N

    excel extension issue

    I have a code similar to this below C#Copy using(webclient wc = new WebClient()) { string fileinfoname = "test_one"; string pathinfo = @"C:\testfolderinfo" + fileinfoname + ".xlsx"; wc.downloadFile("www.testurl.com/report", pathinfo); } I am currently experiencing a situation where the file...
  16. J

    Resolved concatenated in C#

    Hello guys, I have a code where I get the registry subKey and I have assigned the value to a variable named subKey (this value came from wmic process and the final data came without {}) but I need to add {} and the beginning and end of this value in order to get the information that I need. The...
  17. ypd11

    How can I have access to System32 directory to copy files?

    I'm developing a WinForms app and I need to gain access to the system32 folder in Windows but when the app tries to writes some files there it throws the Access denied exception. Do any one of you guys have a solution for this issue? Or is there even a solution?
  18. Programmable Physics

    Search Button that is using Stored Procedure is not listing a specific record

    I am using Northwind database in Sql Server. I am using Stored Procedure to connect Visual Studio with Sql Server and draw data from database. In CRUD operations, I am tring to write a SEARCH button that is using Stored Procedure. Other CRUD buttons are working okay. Search button is not...
  19. Programmable Physics

    WinForms : adding a form1 object as a parameter of radiobutton event causes error in the Designer

    Here are the code snippeds, form1.cs: And, here is the Designer ERROR : If I pass a form object as an parameter into a normal method argument, it works fine this way, no designer & eventhandler error occurs. However if I use events like RadioButton Checked Changed, then I get this EVENT...
  20. D

    Question How do I get the namespace of my .NET 7 application

    I asked this on SO and got skewered. I love SO for the answers, but asking a question is fraught with peril. I'm new here, but I'm hopeful y'all will be more forgiving and helpful. if I: dotnet new console -f netcoreapp3.1 -n four add to Program.cs Console.WriteLine("Namespace: {0}"...
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