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  1. matitdob

    C# EventLogSession Local Admin

    I have a problem how to use the code below for the admin of the local remote computer. Typing ".", "" Or "computer name" as domain doesn't help. The omission results in a syntax error. EventLogSession session = new EventLogSession( "ComputerName", // Remote Computer "Domain"...
  2. S

    I need help with executing second project

    Hello i need help, i am new with C# could someone help me with executing second project Console application after clicking on button without this full way C:\Users\sajmo\source\repos\VoidSharp\VoidSharp ? screenshot: Screenshot
  3. SaeedP

    why am I getting: "HTTP Error 500.30 error" when publishing the Blazor server-side site?

    Hello, I've made my web app on Blazor server-side and I'm trying to publish it on a windows server. I tried different methods to publish but all came to the same conclusion. HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure Why am I having this problem? You can see the result on...
  4. cpeye1987

    Sr Developer- C#, .NET, SQL, Java, Angular JS - REMOTE- 115K

    Sr Developer- C#, .NET, SQL, HTML, Java, Angular - REMOTE- 115K The Position: Developing software solutions by analyzing business needs by users and data. Primary responsibility is to develop tightly aligned business strategy and capabilities as it relates to architecting and building...
  5. M

    XML serialisaton. Error: XmlException: Root element is missing.

    Hi all. I am making a game like minecraft. I need to keep the world when the player exits the game. Chunk (it is a place 16 by 16 blocks) and world contain a lot datas, that don't serialize can. so i have created classes WorldData and ChunkData, that contain only serializable varibles. But i...
  6. R

    Question why am i getting insufficient parameters supplied to the command error

    i have trying to read a database and display it into a datagridview but i keep getting the error private void nameSearch() { using (SQLiteCommand cmd = connAccount.CreateCommand()) { connAccount.Open(); try { connAccount = new...
  7. L

    Graphics overlap avoiding transparence

    Hi, I have a problem drawing in a PictureBox. To summarize and make an example: imagine you have to draw a rectangle at 0, 0 and it's 100x100 pixels; then you have to draw another rectangle 10x10 at the center (which should be at 45, 45 if i'm not mistaken) but the result shall be simply the...
  8. Knetterpie

    Question Bestellungsdaten in Konstruktor Speichern und ihn Abfragen

    Hi, Ich möchte meine eingegebene Werte in einem Konstruktor Speichern, und diesen dann je nach Nummer der Bestellung abfragen. Das Problem: Ich habe bereits den Konstruktor angelegt, die eingegebenen Werte werden auch gespeichert und ich kann sie auch ausgeben. Aber leider weiß ich nun nicht wie...
  9. pampua84

    Algorithm to generate secure number of fixed lenght with RNGCryptoServiceProvider

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an algorithm to generate a safe random number like an OTP and I found this code on the web: const int min = 100000; const int max = 999999; const int elemInRange = max - min + 1; var randomData = new byte[4]; using var rng = new RNGCryptoServiceProvider()...
  10. Kevin91

    Question Converting Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees using switch

    I'm a beginner c# programmer trying to program a simple app that shows a menu to the user. When option 1 is selected by the user at run-time, the program lists values from 0 to 100 Celsius degrees converted to Fahrenheit degrees. When option 2 is chosen, the program calculates and displays a...
  11. Kevin91

    Resolved method to sum up numbers between two numbers

    I am a beginner in C# programming and trying to code a function that sums up all numbers from the start to the end and If the start number is greater than the end number, the function swap the values so that the start number becomes the end number and the end number gets the value of...
  12. K

    Resolved JSON to a ListBox not displaying correctly

    OK so two things going on here. First I am getting this when the ListBox items gets added. "OK - System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String] - System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ClassLibraryApi.Report]" Other times it loads nothing and this is the exception it pulls...
  13. M

    How to Scale WPF application according to screen resolution?

    I make a WPF application in .Net Framework 4.7. I developed this application on my Laptop which has full HD resolution (1920*1080). My problem is when I run my application on a low resolution monitor (1366*768), my application don't scale up according to the screen resolution. I tried using Per...
  14. Dragon4ik

    Resolved CustomAttribute doesn't work

    Hi, everybody! I try to create attribute, which would validate a string format for parsing into DateTimeOffset. Here is DateStringAttribute code: public class DateStringAttribute : ValidationAttribute { public override bool IsValid(object value) { string date =...
  15. sebi25

    Question Can I make a play music command from youtube on dsharpplus?

    Hi! I am making a discord bot using DSharpPlus. I want to make a command which will play music directly from youtube through a link. Can somebody help me with how I can make that, giving me tips, please?
  16. Kontorta

    Question Execute Suggested Action Bug

    Hello guys. I want to add a Reference in the class library, but it's been stuck here for how long. Is there a method? project .net core
  17. M

    Referencing a property from an object range in a for each within a nested for each

    I've created a list of instances of an object, to give sample data. I've then created a list of IGrouping, containing the objects. Within the foreach, I'm then trying to give an ordering number for the objects within their respective groups (this for each only assigns a value where the value...
  18. Kontorta

    Question form application map help

    Hello guys. My project is this: I will show historical events between 1720 and 1900 on the map and when an event is clicked, the map will take according to the future of that day. Whichever historical event they click on, the map will take shape according to that moment and I will list the...
  19. hamstergeek

    Custom result chipertext, Encryption using AES algorithm

    Hi folks, is it possible to customize the results of the encryption text using this aes algorithm. I have an encryption case how to do a conversion from string to digit string as an example plaintext: "KSJJ12BK1J2B4KJBSFDJB" chipertext: "001238912389" i want the ciphertext to be a string only...
  20. vlad.ua96

    Question Incorect ML Time Series forecasting with big values RRS feed

    Hey there) Was making very simple stock prediction app (Simple Colege Project). For feracast i used Microsoft ML Time Series Model. It worked good but i noticed when i make predictions for data with big values like 1700 or 3800 it makes very incorrect predictions. For instance if csv file has...
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