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  1. W

    Question System.IndexOutOfRangeException

    Hello, I am trying to write a method, that checks if a string is isomorphic and returns true or false. In line 10 in the code posted below, I get a System.OutOfRangeException and I just can't figure out what I am doing false. public static bool IsIsomorphic(string s, string t) {...
  2. P

    Question Use Multiple Type in Generic T C#

    0 I have this interface base repo with genric type T: public interface IRepositoryBase<T> where T : class { void Add(T obj); } and this interfaces heritance from the IRepositoryBase public interface IClass1Repository : IRepositoryBase<Class1> { } public interface IClass2Repository ...
  3. Phani_2204

    Question Push notification using firebase?

    We have created an app which captures error logs. API's help us do that but when the error is created user must be notified. Can you help us? Source code:- GitHub - ranadeepmedagone/LogApp
  4. Tony21

    IIS doesn't load grid JS

    I have my project worked on asp.net mvc i am using jqxGrid but when i publish my project on IIS the grid does not load the data. in my js grid i use URL with parameters. as i have googled i must convert the URL to @url.action, but i don't know how to convert my URL because it has parameters...
  5. X

    Question why do i get Error: Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the expected 1 records

    I save the changes in the database by clicking on the button, here is the code itself: else if (comboBox1.SelectedItem == "Работа") { label3.Text = "Работа"; string script = "SELECT id, name, Model_preparation_R_Hr, Time_for_preparation_hr, Time_for_post_processing_hr, YZV_work FROM rabota;"...
  6. G

    c# developer needed

    I'm looking for someone who has a bit of experience with sockets to create a simple server that connects to the client using tcp (the client is already finished), so what you'll have to do is : analyze the client, see what packets it sends over and receive and based on that create the server
  7. M

    Question Summary of all numbers List<>

    Hello, I am new here. I am looking for help / hints. I have code to write that counts articles. After entering the code starting with A, do not count the tax, for B it is 8%, for the other codes 23% of the tax (I already have it), but I have a problem summing up these amounts, and the...
  8. B

    Question How to make Deal or No Deal Game in Windows Forms?

    Hello :) I want to ask if someone can help me with the creation of Deal or No Deal, or if you have any tutorials how to make to share them to me. Thanks!
  9. O

    read csv file but it only reads the first line

    Am trying to read this csv file and make a header of all the distinct elements in it and put it in a datatable but it only reads the first line Am trying to read this current csv file and convert it into a truth table that show if an element exists in a row I out 1 if not I put 0 but it only...
  10. ramsesKouam

    how to export data into an spss file in .net?

    i would like to export some datas in a file in a web service. i used this package it exports datas as i defined in the code below : var variables = new List<Variable> { new Variable { Label = "Nombre de questionnaires envoyés", ValueLabels = new Dictionary<double...
  11. AndreasPapandreou

    Question Randomized Playlist

    Hello i am new to c# and trying to create some simple programs and one of those is a randomized playlist for spotify. When I run the code I get this error: "Unhandled exception. System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index must be within the bounds of the List. (Parameter 'index') at...
  12. J

    Filtering data grid causes UI freeze

    Hi, I have a small WPF application which gets some data (~300 rows) from an API and gets displayed in a DataGrid. Up to this point everything works well. Some Header-columns of the DataGrid have nested textboxes, which should serve as search-boxes. I bound their text to a property in my...
  13. sachin Shrestha

    Child Entity not getting added or updated while updating the parent entity

    For example, we have a car and it is the Parent class of Models so cars can have many models possible so while updating the car with models car is getting updated but models are not getting added or modified in Entity Framework . public class Car{ public string name{get;set;}...
  14. DavidEN

    Temporary folder error when publishing to visual studio 2019 folder

    Good, I have this problem, when I want to publish my visual studio 2019 project in a folder I get an error from the temporary folder, I already tried cleaning the project, deleting the bin folder and obj I deleted the temporary ones and I recompiled the project and I The error keeps coming out...
  15. sachin Shrestha

    is it ok to call the same Linq query multiple times for loading object from DB in same action method

    Below is My Controller action in the first line I have gotten the student from db and in 5 line I have use service function in which I have passed the student id which will again load the student from db is it good public ActionResult DeleteStudentInterest(int studentId, String...
  16. PsychoNINJA

    Question issue with inserting data into database

    Hello csharpforums community, I have an issue that insert some data in MySQL Database by C# .NET Core 3.1 with MySql.Data.mysqlclient.dll and having these errors in console: Could not load file or assembly 'Renci.SshNet, Version=2016.1.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1cee9f8bde3db106'. The...
  17. MetaGota

    Winforms C# Read random line from Pastebin

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to read a random line from a Pastebin WebClient WC = new WebClient(); List<string> TEST = new List<string>(); Random Rand = new Random(); StreamReader testReader = new StreamReader(WC.DownloadString("Pastebin"))...
  18. DrDress

    Question Threadpool

    I'm not sure about Threadpool. It says thar there are about 1000 available threads. But I once made a program where I put about 100 job in the queue. When I monitored the job it was clear that precisly 8 jobs whete beeing processed at a time. This is bad in my current project where I spawn...
  19. E

    Resolved What the following code does?

  20. PJ33

    how to read library documentation-Math.NET ?

    Hello I am new in C# and I try to understand on how to read the documentation of libraries and implement it. Here an example from https://numerics.mathdotnet.com/ is shown: using System; using MathNet.Numerics; using MathNet.Numerics.LinearAlgebra; class Program { static void...
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