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  1. sebi25

    Can I make a play music command from youtube on dsharpplus?

    Hi! I am making a discord bot using DSharpPlus. I want to make a command which will play music directly from youtube through a link. Can somebody help me with how I can make that, giving me tips, please?
  2. Kontorta

    Question Execute Suggested Action Bug

    Hello guys. I want to add a Reference in the class library, but it's been stuck here for how long. Is there a method? project .net core
  3. M

    Referencing a property from an object range in a for each within a nested for each

    I've created a list of instances of an object, to give sample data. I've then created a list of IGrouping, containing the objects. Within the foreach, I'm then trying to give an ordering number for the objects within their respective groups (this for each only assigns a value where the value...
  4. Kontorta

    Question form application map help

    Hello guys. My project is this: I will show historical events between 1720 and 1900 on the map and when an event is clicked, the map will take according to the future of that day. Whichever historical event they click on, the map will take shape according to that moment and I will list the...
  5. hamstergeek

    Custom result chipertext, Encryption using AES algorithm

    Hi folks, is it possible to customize the results of the encryption text using this aes algorithm. I have an encryption case how to do a conversion from string to digit string as an example plaintext: "KSJJ12BK1J2B4KJBSFDJB" chipertext: "001238912389" i want the ciphertext to be a string only...
  6. vlad.ua96

    Question Incorect ML Time Series forecasting with big values RRS feed

    Hey there) Was making very simple stock prediction app (Simple Colege Project). For feracast i used Microsoft ML Time Series Model. It worked good but i noticed when i make predictions for data with big values like 1700 or 3800 it makes very incorrect predictions. For instance if csv file has...
  7. Sachin Patil

    Question Read and Write range with existing data format in excel?

    I am trying to read range from excel and writing or appending in another sheet using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel in c#. While writing or appending data existing data format is not copy like number, text, currency and date etc. If data type is currency then it convert into text or general...
  8. vlad.ua96

    Question IO Doesnt work on x64 or on x86 configaration only on Any CPU RRS feed

    Hello) Recently i got very strange error with IO i noticed that when i change project configuration from Any CPU to x64 or x86 input output stop working. I can't create any files even this simple code not working. File.WriteAllText(@"CSVTEST.csv","test"); I was thinking to change...
  9. Shane_Nicholson

    Adding equation formula to textbox.

    Good evening all, First of all, thank you in advance for taking the time to read my request. I am really struggling with the following issue. I have created a windows form using c#. The form consists of a number of text boxes that my users will insert numbers into. Eg: -200, 100 and so on...
  10. R

    Answered need help with a windows forms app game

    so i created a basic game and it has a level that is basically space invaders. i have a class for the bad guys, and a class for the bullets, but sometimes i have an issue in game where the bullet just goes straight through the enemy rather than actually hitting it. this doesnt happen all the...
  11. A

    Resolved Procedure or function sp_updateItems has too many arguments specified.

    I want to update the price of items in the database. I am extracting a list of items from another list( of class type having other information also). After that I am sending it(item number) one by one as a stored procedure parameter to get the price updated. But I am getting a Procedure or...
  12. surik

    what wrong with my code ?

    hello everyone I don't know why my output is wrong .can you help me to fix it ? Gofile
  13. S

    Answered recover connection after changing slave ID in easymodbus RTU c#

    i am trying to change the slave Id of my energy meter by writing a new value to right register. once the value is changed the connection is obviously lost but i can't find a way to renew it. i cant close the port without closing my entire application, there is no respond to...
  14. I

    Question Error CS0234 missing 'Reporting'?

    I downloaded this project and database but when I run it I get this error, Can you please help me to fix this? I really appreciate your help. I have attached the source code and database, please take a look. Thank you!
  15. Cam

    Resolved How can something be both expected and invalid?

    I’m working on a hobby project. I know that it needs to end with “checked()), but when I do that, it says the ‘)’ is invalid. Then when I remove it, it says this. How do I get past this?
  16. P

    How to access values from 2 datatable as tabel1.tabel2.columnname in C#

    I have one test data model and one excel book which has multiple sheets! all the sheet is having the same unique key "Test1" and I have a function which fetches all the data from all sheets having that key name "Test1" Now after join - I get one table having all the column name and values But...
  17. Merit

    Question Customizable keybinds

    Hello all, So basically, in my programming the user can press the default key that i have set, which is F1, to enable a feature. However, i want the user to be able to change this key. so for example, a dialog pops up and asks them to enter the key they want to set for that feature then it...
  18. alti

    Answered Conversions from c# to odbc sql server

    hello , im having a problem converting from datetime c# to datetime sql server using odbc and time c# to time(7) sql server this is my code: command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO pointer (Nom_employe, Date_Heure , Matin, Midi, apresmidi, Soir) VALUES ( ? ,? , ? , ?, ?, ?);"; //...
  19. A

    Resolved How can i change Timers to Eventhandlers?

    I have a variable that changes by external device which is a camera that detect faces this variable is an array of bytes which is always zero when no face is detected but when face is detected the bytes that describes the face is stored in this variable i am currently using an approach which i...
  20. N

    List<string> to Datagrid

    Hi, I have a List<string> called DataOutput, which I obtained from converting a char array. (I know that it works as i have been able to write it to the output window.) I am trying to display it in a DataGrid either by binding in xaml or through the xaml.cs file. 1. how do i go about this? 2...
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