1. J

    I want to decode, edit and encode an AVI file

    Hello people, I am developing a C# App to edit my AVI file. I want to decode, edit and encode it. This is the process I would like: 1. load each frame from my AVI file into a bitmap. 2. modify the bitmap. 3. write the bitmap back into the file. 4. repeat for all frames Is there a nice and simple...
  2. P

    How to loop through JSON data?

    Hi, I am calling an api and this is the return data. Could you please help me to loop through the JSON data? The JSON string - { "Outputdata": { "@xmlns": "http://xmlns.oracle.com/apps/pa/.......", "@xmlns:xsi": "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance", "TASK_0"...
  3. SamueDexterAYG

    Question How to sort names (strings) with assigned numbers from greatest to least as 1st 2nd 3rd etc

    Hello everyone. I am working on a score/grading app. Everything thing works fine except I am struggling with the actual functionality. I am able to generate the scores as shown below in a listbox but unable to sort them by their value from the greatest to the least and assign the text '1st'...
  4. Valakik

    Question Connect to Laravel Websocket

    Hello I am using this in the Laravel side: Laravel Websockets - Introduction I tried connect to the websocket from C# desktop application but no luck. That websocket is clone of the Pusher service so I tried to use the Pusher dotnet client open source: GitHub - pusher/pusher-websocket-dotnet...
  5. dualshck012

    DataReader to string and to integer

    Good day! I'm creating a function for incremented ID generation I'm getting an error: {"Input string was not in a correct format."} under line Convert.ToIns32(maxId). I also tried Int32.TryParse with the same error. The Output would be something ICTS2021002 string maxId =...
  6. M

    open a new "Form" from a "TreeView"?

    Dear all, I am really new in C#. I want to open a new "From" by clicking on a "Node in a Treeview". Is there anybody who could kindly help me? Best wishes
  7. T

    Resolved 32feet.NET send file using Obex URI

    I try sending a file using 32feet.Net's Obex library and I get an System.Net.Sockets.SocketException. I have not been able to find any relevant examples and the current documentation is outdated. Here is my full Exception System.Net.WebException: Connect failed. --->...
  8. Ankit

    Filtering an array in C# and classifying it

    Below I have an array of json coming from different data sources. and my job is to get ids for each item of json and pass them to different container based on what source it is coming. the way to differentiate here is that items coming from Source A will have properties Id,Project and ProjectId...
  9. Dhruvil

    Question Async C# code not executing in async manner

    I have created a C# wrapper for my Ax 2012 AIF Service which is triggered from power automate. There is a limitation in power automate that the gateway times out in 110 seconds. So, my requirement is to call my C# wrapper in async manner and get response immediately and not wait for any response...
  10. Dhruvil

    Question Communication Error because in Faulted state

    I am getting this error when I run my C# wrapper from Power Automate. But this error is returned only sometimes. On resubmitting my power automate flow, the code works as required. { "Message": "An error has occurred.\r\nclientRequestId: 66b3b4af-edc0-4bbb-b6e2-11e217c00480"...
  11. M

    Reading the text file and calling from menu

    HI Friends, I am trying to call the windows forms through menu strip. In menu strip items i have written the following code which reads a text file "rep_path.txt". the text file contains only line d:\\reports\\ private void SALEPRODToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {...
  12. M

    Problem in calling crystal report using selection formula with dates

    Hi I am trying to call crystal report from c# using a button click. In the form I have two datetimepicker controls named DT1 , DT2. I have used the following code in button. crpt is the crystal report conrtrol. pur_ord_vw is the view in database. UserId = "sa"; Password = "gms123"...
  13. R

    Can Serial.Open() report open yet delay the actual opening?

    I've got a strange problem on one PC. My application uses the code below to open the port. For some reason the program doesn't report any problems but my writes report the port not open several times then I see a port open message just before the application locks up. It's fine on my production...
  14. H

    Question How to debug application after an exception error?

    I wrote a C# application (.NET 4 Client Profile) which runs under Win64. Basically it works but from time to time I get an exception error message and the application crashes after I pressed OK to the exception window. The main problem is that it is difficult to locate problem in respect to my...
  15. R

    win form application does not run on another machine

    hi i have a win form application written c# in Visual Studio 2017. it's a simple client registration form with Linq to SQL that uses a .mdf database file stored in the \bin\debug folder. while running the application on my own machine there is no problem, and it runs fine. but when i create a...
  16. S

    Question Text file search, combobox and Datagridview

    I have the following on a Winform: - Button - to open *.txt file, code already done and works - Combo Box - Display the dates found - Datagridview - show information for the date selected What code I have so far is: private void Historybutton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {...
  17. D

    Question How do I map oracle UDT to C# custom type

    I am trying to map a simple Oracle UDT in my c# application. When I try to extract data from DataReader, it throws the following exception: Custom type mapping for 'dataSource='DB' schemaName='C##USER' typeName='MATICNIBROJ_T'' is not specified or is invalid My Oracle UDT is: create or...
  18. MediaHub

    Question How call methods from child window of another Form( Not a Child/Parent Window)

    In My Projects i Have 3 Forms: Form1: MDIParent Form2: MDIChild Form3: Normal Form i want to access data and call methods of Form3 from Child Window. I am new to C# can any one solve my problem.
  19. E

    Question Is It Possible to Access iPhone's Camera Directly to WinForm

    Hello and Good Day Everyone, i am not a Professional [C#] Programmer in anyway, this is my first job as a Software Engineer to be honest as i am a fresh graduate (Just a quick background about me) and i've been in this industry for only about 3 Months now my current project's objective is to...
  20. C

    Question C# good for my project? Why?

    Hi there I am tasked in writing a file manager program that will be hosted on a server and accessed by a browser. So my question is if C# would be the ideal too for this project. More precisely what it should do will be listed here. 1. Run as a console server on the Server machine. 2. Serves...
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