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  1. destro

    Question How do I change the selected Value of a combo box from a window button when combo box is binded with enumList in its own viewmodel?

    I have two Windows and several user controls in my project, one of the user control Ribbon is placed on MainWindow. The Ribbon is groupBox user control containing a comboBox which is binded with enum PackageType as follows: namespace ManglamStellaris.ViewModels { public class...
  2. G

    Answered Combine multiple lines into a single line in a textbox

    Hi, I have a wpf application that has a textbox to which value is inserted using a scanner. At one time when I scan a single data, multiple lines comes into textbox which can be scrolled down to see. But I dont want them as multiple lines. I want to combine all lines into a single line and see...
  3. G

    Find count of certain elements in the dataset

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in C# application. The dataset has the list of my friends with phone number, address and a id. This is for learning purposes. I need to find the count of certain elements , say for example the total count of all the friends with ID > 3. How can I do that?
  4. G

    Question Update using Table Adapter

    Hi, I have a sql server database with ID, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Address. I have created a wpf application that has a dataset of the database and uses a datagrid view to view the table. I did this as a learning procedure. Now I am learning how to update the database using wpf...
  5. Merit

    Question Customizable keybinds

    Hello all, So basically, in my programming the user can press the default key that i have set, which is F1, to enable a feature. However, i want the user to be able to change this key. so for example, a dialog pops up and asks them to enter the key they want to set for that feature then it...
  6. A

    Resolved How can i change Timers to Eventhandlers?

    I have a variable that changes by external device which is a camera that detect faces this variable is an array of bytes which is always zero when no face is detected but when face is detected the bytes that describes the face is stored in this variable i am currently using an approach which i...
  7. W

    Resolved ScrollViewer doesn't work with dynamically created content

    Hi, I have a dockPanel inside a scrollviewer. In that dockpanel I create a lot of buttons, and what happens is that the scrollviewer doesnt react at all and new buttons just clip through the app. (And when I resize the app they stay cropped). I can't find any instructions on how to set that up...
  8. A

    Question Deploy 4 projects into one solution

    Hi guys!<br> I have a solution built from 4 projects (c#/wpf).<br> I wanna to made just one installer for all 4 projects .<br> I tried using ClickOnce but it works just with every single project per time<br> Anyone can help me?Thanks!
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