1. vinzh

    Tip This is a post to help your Selenium automation code become faster and more effective!

    Hello programming community! Today, I am pleased to introduce and share my new NuGet package designed to support Selenium in C#. This package makes writing automated test scripts faster and easier than ever! From quick setups to visually writing test cases, everything is simplified to save...
  2. ravidusing7

    Create JSON Payload Request Body?

    I do not have any idea how to create below JSON request below using C# Below is the result set. Below is the JSON payload i want to create using C# { "order_id": "10323730", "carton_no": "002", "qrcodes": { "F2VFN080": [ "lvs-d1PaZGmyfx", "7BhoKm4Hy1", "lvs-wGToHhv4zW" ], "F2VFN082": [...
  3. K

    Developing an inventory management system integrated with Cash Register using .NET Technology

    Please, I need guidelines on the best and effective development approach/method into developing an inventory and accounting management system that will handle transactions using cash register for medium size store. The application will control the basic cash register operations like opening...
  4. ThreeNamesGrace

    Problem setting the Text property of a Characters object in Excel Interop using Visual C#

    I'm making ChartSheets in Excel using .NET 7 and the latest update of Office 365; this is the code that I use to change the style of the charts and give them a title: GráficasFrecuenciaGanancia[i - 1].ChartType = XlChartType.xlLineMarkers; GráficasFrecuenciaGanancia[i-1].HasTitle = true...
  5. R

    create a dashboarding web app?

    Working on a new job in which they need me to stabilize an ASP.NET/C#.NET web application that was written a few years ago...the code is spaghetti code! The view logic, business logic, and database logic are all thrown together in the same functions. Not a single comment line. Poor variable...
  6. mr.prateekg

    Question Unexpected NullReferenceException caught in Global Exception Handler

    We have developed a windows forms application that captures user interactions i.e. Typed text, clicks. Sometimes, out of the blue on some machine, we get the following exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean...
  7. A

    Question Develop a Linq query

    Hello, I have a database in Access with this architecture: and I need with Linq to calculate and return the total price of a candidate’s training knowing that only the candidate who has attended at least 5 trainings gets a 20% discount. how to get this result with linq?
  8. D

    Question BACnet with C#.net

    Hi, I am integrating the BacNet in my C# application using the BacnetIpUdpProtocolTransport procedure. When I use it as: BacnetIpUdpProtocolTransport udp_transport = new BacnetIpUdpProtocolTransport(c_bacnetPort,false) it works perfect but the problem is that I have 2 network cards on my PC and...
  9. E

    Measurement Instruments

    Hello! I want to retrieve data from measurement instruments (like force measurement instruments, Voltage, etc...) then show retrieved data on a chart. However, How to connect to these instruments from c#??????
  10. H

    Question Winform RTL sizing and positioning issues

    Hi guys, I have been trying to create an RTL (right to left) winform that uses arabic text and contains some textboxes, labels and buttons.. It is driving me crazy... after i perfectly design the form, as soon as i run it everything just loses some level of sizing and positioning. I tried to use...
  11. R

    Question How To Format Table In The Body Of Mail

    I am using C# for my problem. I have an Excel file which has many worksheets. From "Fisrt Sheet", I am looking for a character "x" which will be present in some cells of a specific column (occurence of "x" will be in one specific column only, in different cells of that column). I am looking for...
  12. R

    Question How to send generic list<T> in tabular form in body of mail via outlook

    I am using C# for my problem. I have an Excel file which has many worksheets. From "Fisrt Sheet", I am looking for a character "x" which will be present in some cells of a specific column (occurence of "x" will be in one specific column only, in different cells of that column). I am looking for...
  13. J

    Question I want to get my lisview scroll to the selected item and change the selected item des

    I want to get my listview to scroll to the user selected index and change its appearance. I tired to get this in many ways but nothing worked for me. When I select any item from listview I am able to get the data and index of selected item but the SelectedTemplate apply on previous Index. Don't...
  14. A

    DatagridView Multi Header Columns & Rows

    Good evening; I'm looking for a source code to make a datagridView with Multi Header Columns and Multi Cell Header As shown in the image below All that is in gray is the head that I am trying to code.
  15. D

    Question Excel Lookups disappear after save using Interop dlls

    In C# using Interop i am loading an excel which contains macros for validations and dropdowns for some columns. I use my logic to update the cells and save the excel.But once the excel is saved the macros validations are getting disabled and validations are not performing and also the lookups...
  16. S

    Query String Parser Error Message: The server tag is not well formed.

    Good day! I just want a little help on my querystring structure. The value of the querystring parameter was pulled out from the database but it seems that I am missing something the way I code it. My code Below. <ul> <asp:Repeater ID="rptr_ResidentailFoam" runat="server"> <ItemTemplate>...
  17. K

    Is there a free c# xmpp server ?

    Hi, We want to build a mobile chat application. So we will need an xmpp c# host application. Do you have any suggestions? I know agsxmpp-sdk but it is not free.
  18. G

    Deciding Which Is Which Should I Choose? (MVVM or MVC C#?)

    I can't decide which job should I choose? C# MVVM Developer or C# MVC Developer? There are two companies that I should go and work for. The one like Navitaire Accenture Company which uses C# WPF MVVM and the one like many others (e.g Avanade) which uses C# MVC ASP.NET... I mean, I want to...
  19. santoshaher

    Unable to uninstall the assembly from GAC which is being used by another application

    I have encountered an issue while upgrading an application from .Net Framework 3.5 to latest version with .NET Framework 4.5.1. I came into a situation, where one application is using a logger assembly built with .NET framework 3.5, another application(built on 4.5.1) tries to uninstall same...
  20. K

    Question System gets halt on Panel scrolling

    I am using Panel on windows form and adding the controls like Panel, label etc dynamically with keeping AutoScroll property is true. When number of controls are added and going to scroll down then it scrolled but my system gets completely in halt position. No works will carry out and after...
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