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  1. ahmedaziz

    Question Why visual studio 2022 fill memory although I open only one instance

    I work on visual studio 20222 asp.net core 7 applications with csharp . project is not big may be small or medium . after open my computer and start working on visual studio 2022 it fill memory until computer hang or freezes and give me error out of memory from task manager problem show to me...
  2. D

    Converting Server Time to User's Date and Time

    How do I convert server time to user's time in C#? I am trying to find a way to display Date and Time based on the user's timezone, but it seems that efforts to make this work is not working. I want to achieve a situation where Date and Time that is displayed in a user's account in all the pages...
  3. A

    Question How does mvc application get the cookies from the client ?

    I have question and i don't have answer for it my question is How does mvc application get the cookies from the client ? which of the following is correct 1-cookies are sent in each request to the server 2-the server send the request to the client and ask the client to send cookies...
  4. moshpitMajor

    c# using serialisation

    class store { private int runningNumber; private List<Objekt> listObjekt; XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(List<Objekt>)); public int Anzahl { get { return listObjekt.Count; }...
  5. R

    Failed to debug with error or logging CLR v2.0.50727

    Hi all, First of all, i am totally no experienced with C# language, but just try to learn by myself. Right now im facing a problem when try to execute the code. This code im just get at here : https://github.com/Valerch1k/DibalScale.git I need to try this code because i have 1 dibal weighing...
  6. A

    adds, removes and views items from a stock

    How do I make a class that adds, removes and views items from a stock using csharp?
  7. karcs

    Resolved How do i cast a string type to a class type ?

    here is the ERROR MESSAGE:- Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'query' public static Xxl.Query QueryBySize(string SizeNo) { Query result = new Query(); result.SizeInfo.SizeCode = "Xxl"; Xxl.Query result1 = new Xxl.Query()...
  8. S

    Question Emergency Services Project

    Hello everyone, I am developing a project for the management of emergency vehicles, as you can see from the structure visible in the image there is a server and five clients, with many accesses to the server, I have now thought to avoid giving the access to the database to dozens of users to use...
  9. SamueDexterAYG

    Resolved How to transfer a specific listview column items to a listbox in C#

    Hello everyone. I will be grateful for your kind help on this one. I am trying to transfer a specific listview column items to a listbox in C#. Heres my effort below. Unfortunately my code rather iterates though only the entry of the specified column and splits it as letters into the listbox...
  10. maddyrafi

    Password case sensitive

    Sir, I save my password in database is SAAmi@123 but if even enter in small letters saami@123 means its also logging in but it was not correct. please correct in my code pls if (textBox9.Text != "" && textBox10.Text != "") { string connectionString; MySqlConnection cnn; connectionString =...
  11. maddyrafi

    Resolved Delete Query Error on code

    Mysql Delete record query error, if i select record from gridview that record shouls deleted from mysql database private void button9_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (ID != 0) //if (textBox6.Text!= "" && textBox7.Text != "" && textBox8.Text != "") { string...
  12. T

    Extract outlook email attachment files and save in sql

    I'm trying to save the Outlook attachment file email and save in sql. I tried this following code and it only saved a numerical values using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Data.SqlClient; using...
  13. T

    Save Outlook email Information to SQL Server

    I'm trying to save inbound Outlook mail data to sql server however I'm getting in error in System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: 'The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found.' What did I missed Note: RetrieveMail is exist in mailbox using System; using...
  14. T

    How to save email reply on sql

    I'm trying to create an email reply on Outlook and save the email details (Sender, To, CC, Subject, Body and Attachment) on Sql Server. Can you please guide me. Thank you! More Details: After receiving an email the user will reply to an email after replying the user data (Sender, To, CC...
  15. msaaaddev

    Question Can software in different cities uses the same database to store data?

    Hello Friends, I want to ask that can software in different cities uses the same database to store data. I am new to c#. I want to know if I develop software in c# and then install it in different cities(branches) of same company can I use the same database for all running software in different...
  16. AndreasPapandreou

    Question Randomized Playlist

    Hello i am new to c# and trying to create some simple programs and one of those is a randomized playlist for spotify. When I run the code I get this error: "Unhandled exception. System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index must be within the bounds of the List. (Parameter 'index') at...
  17. spicyadmin

    Errors and more erros

    I've been trying to find a solution to a problem I am having. I am trying to save a picture to the "My Pictures" folder but I keep getting an error in the code saying "cannot convert from 'string' to 'system.environment.specialfolderoption'"...
  18. Z

    CS1061 Unity Error

    Hi guys, New to coding trying to create player movement and these errors are showing up in unity - Assets\Script\Movement.cs(16,26): error CS1061: 'Vector2' does not contain a definition for 'GetAxisRaw' and no accessible extension method 'GetAxisRaw' accepting a first argument of type...
  19. C

    Question For C#, windows is better than ubuntu?

    For C#, windows is better than ubuntu? I've just started to learn C# (I've arrived to switch, else if ecc), according to you, should I use windows? or ubuntu is ok?
  20. D

    Question Problem with my WinForms project

    Hello, I have problem with my WinForms application that I cannot solve and that's why I am writing this. The problem is that my controls settings are resetting back to default. The designer file is saving. The problem occurs every time I relaunch Visual Studio. I will attach pictures how it...
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