1. G

    Find count of certain elements in the dataset

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in C# application. The dataset has the list of my friends with phone number, address and a id. This is for learning purposes. I need to find the count of certain elements , say for example the total count of all the friends with ID > 3. How can I do that?
  2. G

    Trying to understand the database in visual studio

    Hi, I am trying to learn database management system that exists in my company. I am new to this. So there are things that I have understood so far. I want to know what I understood is correct or not. So there is this Database which when I checked in Visual studio is of type Microsoft Sql...
  3. S

    Data import from Excel Files

    Hi All. I am working on a project where I need to carry out below steps. 1. Import data from Excel and display using datagridview 2. Create local database in the application - Windows .Net form application 3. Convert the loaded data into SQL format (SQL readable format) 4. Store the data in...
  4. R

    Question display dynamic Database relational schema

    im working on making an automatic OLAP cube with C# i need little help how to display an relational database schema (the database is taking from the SQL server )
  5. N

    How set db and read it?

    Hello, I am really a beginner on C# development. But, sometimes i like to play around with C# and try to develop stuff. I have sql express 2014. Visual C# 2017 Community Version. I created a database through SQL Management Studio in my local computer. The name of the DB is ReleasesLogin and has...
  6. A

    Connection to the database in WPF with MVVM design pattern

    I am a beginner at MVVM design patter and WPF I am trying to make a small example of connection to the MS Access database using the WPF and MVVM Light Toolkit patter design. here is the code I insert for the connection: Model / DataConnection.cs public class DataConnection {...
  7. N

    Remove substring in line when neither starting nor ending position is known

    I have a C# application that, depending on certain database conditions, creates a new file, opens it, and writes a record from an input file into the file. Each field in the record is separated with an "|", and certain conditions require a new file to be opened, an input file read, and copied...
  8. mike22

    Question console app displays products & related categories from northwind db

    and new in c# , i just have some assignment and i please for help: -> Need to create console app in visual studio which can: Read data and display in console from 2 columns (Northwind database) PRODUCTS and Related CATEGORIES. Thanks in advance on good people willing to help...
  9. dtoxic

    Question Windows Application to Maintain Fuel Dispensers Readings and Sales

    Hello C Sharpers... This is dtoxic, my experience in C# is "Hello World":hopelessness:. I have been recently appointed at a fuel station as a Data Entry Operator, there is no POS (Point of Sale) system installed here. All the data is maintained manually with pen and paper. It is actually a...
  10. T

    Question DB Connection

    Hi, guys. I'm working on a program in C# (I'm a beginner). I created a database with mySql on PHPmyadmin and I want to connect this database with my program. After the connection I have to insert, update, delete and view all the datas, but I have a problem: the connection doesn't work. I post...
  11. A

    Connection to the database with dataset

    hello all my problem is the database creation. when I create a connection to the database it shows me this error: how to solve this problem?
  12. N

    Question Delivery report problem during sms sending

    Hello I use Ozeki ng to send sms through database user. The problem: After sending the sms, its status will not be "delivered". It remains "sent" despite the delivery reports arrive through the service provider connection. I followed this setup guide carefully, I installed the database...
  13. Y

    Looking for books recommendations to learn specifically about DB using .NET and C#

    Hi All, I'm already a somewhat experienced C# programmer. My experience in the .NET world (besides the knowledge of C# itself) is with WPF, Winforms and some WCF. I wanted your opinion of a good book to learn DB programming using .NET. My primary goal is to learn how to interact with the...
  14. FisherRon

    Question Getting a SQL Connection object from a Db class to avoid repeating code

    I am trying to consolidate code that is always the same by putting it in a DbManager class. The problem is that I'm not sure if doing this with a SQL Connection object is working properly. This is the code I'm getting the connection for: public bool CheckIfChildRecordsExist(string tableName...
  15. TheCoderMoe

    Question The best way to INSERT to Access ?

    hey all am a little bit new to C# and i was wondering what is the best way to use the SQL statement to insert data from Form application in to MS Access i found couple of codes on the internet but i really want the best effective and secure way to do this please help
  16. S

    function for date search

    Hello! I have created a local database in Visual Studio 2010 and a web application which interracts with it. I have a text box in which i write a date (delivery date, for example) and a search button to display all the information about an invoice having the delivery date i mention in the text...
  17. J

    Connecting to Database in Visual Studio 2010

    I am fairly new to C# and just as new to Visual Studio and am working on a project for personal development. I am following the instructions at the following page to set up a connection from a windows form to the database: How to: Create and Execute an SQL Statement that Returns Rows I have a...
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