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  1. RAFOO

    I can't deploy an Android App on visual studio 2022

    I tried to Deploy a simple Android with WebView2, with no success. On the output windows I have the following text, can you help please? :Build started at 14:16... 1>------ Build started: Project: App3-Webview, Configuration: Release Any CPU ------ Restored...
  2. complete

    Why do some C# applications have an app.config file and others do not?

    Why do some C# applications have an app.config file and others do not? Both of these solutions were initialized as Visual C# Windows Form Applications.
  3. sudarshan patil

    Resolved Can I Use Visual-Studio-2019 to apply .NET frameworks like 4.0 to 4.8.1

    Please help me someone ,just I want to know that Can I use visual-studio-2019 to target all .NET frameworks Like 4.0 to 4.8.1 version wise all new features and new changes will be applied in visual studio 2019 means version wise all new changes of, and will be applied...
  4. G

    Resolved using Project.FolderName is not working.

    I have this visual studio c# wpf program that I created a year back using online tutorials and stuff and I need to add more stuff to the project. But lot of stuff I dont remember so I am trying to just copy paste and edit it. But here comes the first problem. So in the solution explorer under...
  5. karanugale

    Question Skype Personal integration with C#

    It's been weeks of searching everywhere but couldn't find any help and finally i'm posting my query here. I'm not finding a way to integrate Skype Personal (Not Skype Business/Lync) in my c# application. I just want to receive Skype messages on my application from the skype installed on the...
  6. M

    Visual Studio not picking up source code changes to control that is in a referenced DLL

    I apologize in advance it this is a duplicate. I can't fine the one I tried to post yesterday. I downloaded a library for use in my C# application. It has the DLL which I added the controls to the toolbox by referencing the DLL. The library folder also includes the source for each...
  7. SaeedP

    an issue with visual studio 2022

    Hello, Can you please help me with this post: regards,
  8. M

    looking for tutorials covering Visual Studio and C#

    Dear VS and C# Experts, I am a Medical Physicist with some past sporadic experience of writing sort of C++ code. I have not had many chances to keep up and broaden my programming skills. Over the last 3 years, I mostly developed MatLab scripts. Therefore, I lost sight of the difficulties...
  9. mariodeghetto

    I will publish 3 books on C# (free preview + early bird edition)

    Hello, everyone! Excuse me for taking the liberty of asking you for help with a publishing project I have started. If possible, I would like to ask you to publish a post on your blog or in your technical community, indicating this link: (Free preview) My new book "Programming in C# – Basic...
  10. FyMa2618

    How to check for Keyboard Input.

    Good day, i develope a plugin whit C# and beepinex in Visual studio. And i am want to check if ... key is pressed, i searched allot about this theme but i found nothink what can i do? using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using BepInEx; using HarmonyLib; namespace SetOwnValues {...
  11. S

    Getting an error when launching my virtual assistant application

    Hi, I've recently set up a virtual assistant in visual studio and when running the program, it gives me the following error: "LuisService.Region cannot be Null" I'm completely new to Azure so I'm not entirely sure what this means. Can anyone help? I've attached an image to give you more...
  12. M

    show the message with WaitForSeconds

    Hi, I´m currently wokring on an application, the purpose of the app is to display a message with a text, then you should be able to close the message down (like a notification). The message should be displayed after a couple of seconds. So what i need help with is to understand how to show the...
  13. S

    Need some ideas for my final project

    I’m studying a masters in computing systems and I’m at that point now where I need to start planning what I’m going to do for my final project. During the course I’ve created two programs using .net framework. The first one was a medical related application where I managed data through JSON...
  14. G

    Question connect to remote Sharepoint (office 365) and add documents programmatically. Issues with DLLS

    Hello, Using Visual Studio 2019. I need to connect to one of our Office 365 Sharepoint Sites and have the ability to simply add files via code. I am ONLY connect to the remote sharepoint site and do not have sharepoint server running on my Windows 10 OS. I get an error on the very first step...
  15. S

    Hi guys just have a question regarding parameterized queries.

    Initially I was concatenating my SQL queries, i was then informed that it would be best to use parameterized queries to prevent SQL Injection. I've now done that and everything works fine, however when posting on a forum yesterday about one of my queries not working properly, a person told me...
  16. S

    Resolved Accessing an individual value within a list

    I have a sign in method, which stores the details of a user based on the password and email that they enter. Within this method i call a function which stores those details inside of a list. My question is how would i be able to access those individual values? I want to be able to access just...
  17. S

    Resolved Getting error message regarding a foreign key when inserting data into a table.

    When signing up data will be stored within two tables. customerLogin and customer. The code for this is shown below, it works the way i want it to, inserting the correct details into both tables. { string query_1 = "Insert into customer (firstName...
  18. S

    Need some assistance with parameterized queries in visual studio.

    I'm trying to execute the following query, but its throwing an exception "Must declare the scalar variable \@dateFrom\ "." Does anyone maybe know why this is occurring? the dataType for dateOfDeparture is date. when i was using concatenation i was providing the format of the date...
  19. S

    Resolved PictureBox appears on form but not user control.

    Hello, when i drag a custom picture box onto my user control and run the application i can see it, however if i place the item on top of the panel i cant. Does anyone know how i can get round this? See image below, items under seat reservation aren't visible.
  20. S

    Resolved Getting an error message when dragging seat object onto user control

    I made a Seat class and inherited the PictureBox class: class seat : PictureBox { public string Row { get; set; } public int Number { get; set; } public string Seat => $"{Row}{Number}"; public bool Available { get; set; } } } I'm getting the...
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