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    Question Error CS0234 missing 'Reporting'?

    I downloaded this project and database but when I run it I get this error, Can you please help me to fix this? I really appreciate your help. I have attached the source code and database, please take a look. Thank you!
  2. G

    Question Update using Table Adapter

    Hi, I have a sql server database with ID, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Address. I have created a wpf application that has a dataset of the database and uses a datagrid view to view the table. I did this as a learning procedure. Now I am learning how to update the database using wpf...
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    Rearranging Dataset after updating Database

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in visual studio. I updated the database by adding two new columns to a table in the database. Then I updated the dataset using Configure Data Source With Wizard and everything is fine. But the problem is the order of the columns in the dataset. In the...
  4. G

    Trying to understand the database in visual studio

    Hi, I am trying to learn database management system that exists in my company. I am new to this. So there are things that I have understood so far. I want to know what I understood is correct or not. So there is this Database which when I checked in Visual studio is of type Microsoft Sql...
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    Answered How to colour a textbox which contain the maximum value of a two-dimensional array?

    I have a two-dimensional array of random integers that are in an array of textboxes. I found the maximum and brought it to Label1. Everything works. But I still need to colour the textbox in which this maximum is located. I had versions, but unsuccessful. Please help, who knows where the error...
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    Xamarin (C#) Android online course for college credit!

    I will be teaching a course on Android App development next term at Lane Community College. You will learn how to build apps using both Android Studio and Java (the standard way to make apps) and using the Xamarin framework and C# to make cross-platform apps. The course starts January 8, 2018...
  7. A

    Windows Form DataGridViews

    Hi! ive got two dataGridViews with two columns each and i have a (csv file) with products and prices that i import to gridView1. string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines("Products.csv"); foreach (string line in lines) { string[] words =...
  8. H

    Question Winform RTL sizing and positioning issues

    Hi guys, I have been trying to create an RTL (right to left) winform that uses arabic text and contains some textboxes, labels and buttons.. It is driving me crazy... after i perfectly design the form, as soon as i run it everything just loses some level of sizing and positioning. I tried to use...
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    Question How to add multiple panels at the same location

    I am trying create an executable to install multiple installers. For that I am creating some screens in Visual Studio and as we click on next button, the elements should hide and new elements should popup. Foe that reason, I am using panels. And all these panels should be on same location to...
  10. T

    Question Creating a Resizable Desktop Window That Allows User to Play Apps In it

    Dear Friends I am as good as a newbie when it comes to the C# platform, although I do have some programming background. I wish to create a desktop application (for now I will call it flexible-window app) that when started, it opens a blank window without a visible close button, but is just...
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    Question Easiest way to use Github with Visual Studio?

    I am a fresh programmer, and my experience is quite limited. Seeing as how people recommend using Git with projects, I've started getting quite font of using command prompt when I watch tutorials. However, one thing bugs me: There seems to always be a bunch of stuff that needs 'pushing' after...
  12. ScottLoudon-VerelogicIT

    C#.Net Software Developer Needed Urgently! - Sheffield - ?35,000 P.A

    Hello All, My client are urgently seeking a number of Software Developers to join their team in Sheffield! :):) Due to growth they are moving into new offices and require multiple C#.Net Developers to join their team. Originally based in London and the South East they are expanding their team...
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    Question Is disposing a local brush variable necessary?

    MSDN recommends disposing any variable of type System.Drawing.Brush before its last reference is released. Otherwise, the resources it is using will not be freed until the garbage collector calls the Brush object's Finalize method. As we know, local variables are destroyed automatically when...
  14. K

    Flow - new exciting extension for VS

    Hi, check out the new Visual Studio extension called Flow. it automates the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation... It's compatible with any programming language including C#, C++.... download for free...
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    Question How to generate CR reports when some fields are unknown?

    Hi all - I have a question regarding generating reports from a data table using C# in VS. On a windows form, the user has a datagridview control filled with various accounting items as column headings (rate, credit card, discount, etc.) Now, there are about a dozen or so columns that are...
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    Tip Visual Studio 2010 SQL Compact 3.5 Issues on Vista/7 - Resolved!

    Ok, So from what I've read on the internet this is a wide-spread problem. I've looked everywhere and found out why this happens and here's how to fix it. Print this page. Restart your computer. Before the Windows Loading screen, press F8 to access the boot menu. Choose "Safe Mode" and press...
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