1. Hussnain Javed

    Generating Hash Value for a DLL File in Visual Studio Commuity 2019

    Hi, how are you all? Hope you're all fine. I'm looking for a way to get hash value of a dll file which I've created in a class library's project in visual studio community 2019. I've only one 1 class in my project and I need only dll file and hash value. As I can't run the Project but I can...
  2. mariodeghetto

    I will publish 3 books on C# (free preview + early bird edition)

    Hello, everyone! Excuse me for taking the liberty of asking you for help with a publishing project I have started. If possible, I would like to ask you to publish a post on your blog or in your technical community, indicating this link: (Free preview) My new book "Programming in C# – Basic...
  3. F

    Point3d Max Min Values for Y axis

    I have a Point3d array, Z values are always zero. How can I have the maximum and minimum values of Y axis for every similar X values? Sample Point 3d Array: List[0] = (10,5,0) List[1] = (10,6,0) List[2] = (10,9,0) List[3] = (7,2,0) List[4] = (7,5,0) List[5] = (7,8,0) List[6] = (7,11,0)...
  4. P

    i need help to find intersection point of 2 lines in image

    we need to a code for image processing in c# we need help to find intersection point of 2 lines in image you can see my image as below we need to use from Emgu library in c# for find this points we have a code but we don't know how to use it if you can write this code for me that find...
  5. Sajo

    Question Object Relational Designer does not create entity classes

    Hello. I am using Object Relational Designer because I am working with LINQ to SQL. I am using NORTHWND database. I want that Object Relational Designer create entity class for table which I drag to entitites part. For example I drag Employees table to entities part but it does not create entity...
  6. Bojan123

    Question Decrement value from SQL database bug

    I have 2 asp.net WebForms, WebForm1 contains a button that redirects into WebForm2 which contains a contact form that needs to be filled to proceed an order. I have a drop down list in it that is connected to the database, and depending on which product a button on the WebForm1 is clicked, the...
  7. Sajo

    Problem with configuration file

    I want to create a connection to the server. The base is called NORTHWND. I wanted to create a connection using a configuration file. I created a configuration file. I want to get information about the version of the server I am using through the console application. However when I run the code...
  8. D

    Slider colors not updating.

    So I want to have an Rainbow Color Gradient option in my application. Everything else changes its color except the sliders. They only update the color when I change their value. Is there any way to fix it? A code or something? Here is a short GIF of my problem: Gyazo
  9. K

    Question Anyone that can please help with this?

    uses System; public class program { public static void Main () { Random randomerare = new Random (); was randomNumber = random number. Next (1,101); int-counter = 1; var maxGuesses = 8; for (int i = 0; i <8; i ++) / * First used the variable “i”...
  10. redexception

    Overwrite Systemfiles

    Hello, first of all I want to say I'm 14 years old and this is for educational purposes only! I don't want to damage any kind of person / system. So... I've built a program that overwrite logonui.exe with another logonui.exe . When I take ownership manually of the System32 folder everything is...
  11. V

    Question Error in method JsonDocument.Parse

    Please tell me. I can't solve the error in the JsonDocument.Parse method in any way. Translation of the error text: Error CS1061 / "object" does not contain a definition for "Parse" and it was not possible to find an extension method "Parse" that takes the type "object" as the first argument...
  12. mkhurram92

    SqlTransaction in C# issue

    Hi Everyone, I have a method which is storing values in database and after that it is print invoice. I'm printing a form for invoice printing. I want to make sure that if it's saving it should print. Otherwise rollback all chanages. Following is syntex of the method. private...
  13. T

    Device.Net, Does anyone have some experience using Device.Net?

    I have grabbed a sample code that they publish with the documentation, but I am confused at why I am getting errors in Visual Studio. I highlighted the lines i'm getting errors at. Please note I have not changed anything in the sample. Code: private static async Task checkHID() {...
  14. J

    Raspberry Pi as Databaseserver for WPF Application

    Hey guys! I built an WPF Application, with a database, which provides the data. Until now a database running on the same machine as the one were I developed the app was enough. Now I want to run the app on other computers to, so I want to try using a Raspberry Pi as databaseserver. Unforutnately...
  15. 1

    Question GUI Framework Question

    Is there any free GUI Framework with a slider similar to the one shown below?
  16. MohaMB

    Question How to add a value in a list inside another list that already exists?

    I have a bug and I don't know how to fix the bug is the following: I have a list, which in turn is of type <List <String>>, with the constructor what I do is save certain info, and what I have coded is what next: List<List<string>> opciones = new List<List<string>>(); public...
  17. A

    Which NEW Microsoft certification is for C#/.NET (as MCSA and MCSD will get retired soon) ?

    Microsoft will retire its old certifications like MCSA and MCSD on 31 January 2021. Microsoft plans to introduce new role-based certifications to replace these older certifications. Which newer, role-based certification is for C#/.NET ?
  18. D

    Question C#; I need help with easy tasks

    I have to wrote a program solving these in an easiest way, not really know how without the mistakes, so thanks for any help. The 'file' contains whats under " John Medeic,MD 10|7|5|3|8|2|1|0|9|3|4|5|5|6|7|2|3 " Task. 1. Load and correctly interpret the data contained in the file. As a result...
  19. codify

    Answered Setting primary key in windows form

    Hello! I am have connected SQL management studio with my visual studio where I am making this hospital management system. I have set the PATIENT ID as the primary key in the SQL management studio. But when I am entering duplicate id, there is no objection being made by the code. What should I do...
  20. codify

    Storring wrong data in a text box!

    Hello! In a window form, Patient id is being stored in both text box1 and textbox2. It is not storing the name of the patient in textbox2. Please help! private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(@"Data...
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