1. Bojan123

    Question Decrement value from SQL database bug

    I have 2 asp.net WebForms, WebForm1 contains a button that redirects into WebForm2 which contains a contact form that needs to be filled to proceed an order. I have a drop down list in it that is connected to the database, and depending on which product a button on the WebForm1 is clicked, the...
  2. Sajo

    Problem with configuration file

    I want to create a connection to the server. The base is called NORTHWND. I wanted to create a connection using a configuration file. I created a configuration file. I want to get information about the version of the server I am using through the console application. However when I run the code...
  3. D

    Slider colors not updating.

    So I want to have an Rainbow Color Gradient option in my application. Everything else changes its color except the sliders. They only update the color when I change their value. Is there any way to fix it? A code or something? Here is a short GIF of my problem: Gyazo
  4. K

    Question Anyone that can please help with this?

    uses System; public class program { public static void Main () { Random randomerare = new Random (); was randomNumber = random number. Next (1,101); int-counter = 1; var maxGuesses = 8; for (int i = 0; i <8; i ++) / * First used the variable “i”...
  5. redexception

    Overwrite Systemfiles

    Hello, first of all I want to say I'm 14 years old and this is for educational purposes only! I don't want to damage any kind of person / system. So... I've built a program that overwrite logonui.exe with another logonui.exe . When I take ownership manually of the System32 folder everything is...
  6. V

    Question Error in method JsonDocument.Parse

    Please tell me. I can't solve the error in the JsonDocument.Parse method in any way. Translation of the error text: Error CS1061 / "object" does not contain a definition for "Parse" and it was not possible to find an extension method "Parse" that takes the type "object" as the first argument...
  7. mkhurram92

    SqlTransaction in C# issue

    Hi Everyone, I have a method which is storing values in database and after that it is print invoice. I'm printing a form for invoice printing. I want to make sure that if it's saving it should print. Otherwise rollback all chanages. Following is syntex of the method. private...
  8. T

    Device.Net, Does anyone have some experience using Device.Net?

    I have grabbed a sample code that they publish with the documentation, but I am confused at why I am getting errors in Visual Studio. I highlighted the lines i'm getting errors at. Please note I have not changed anything in the sample. Code: private static async Task checkHID() {...
  9. J

    Raspberry Pi as Databaseserver for WPF Application

    Hey guys! I built an WPF Application, with a database, which provides the data. Until now a database running on the same machine as the one were I developed the app was enough. Now I want to run the app on other computers to, so I want to try using a Raspberry Pi as databaseserver. Unforutnately...
  10. 1

    Question GUI Framework Question

    Is there any free GUI Framework with a slider similar to the one shown below?
  11. MohaMB

    Question How to add a value in a list inside another list that already exists?

    I have a bug and I don't know how to fix the bug is the following: I have a list, which in turn is of type <List <String>>, with the constructor what I do is save certain info, and what I have coded is what next: List<List<string>> opciones = new List<List<string>>(); public...
  12. A

    Which NEW Microsoft certification is for C#/.NET (as MCSA and MCSD will get retired soon) ?

    Microsoft will retire its old certifications like MCSA and MCSD on 31 January 2021. Microsoft plans to introduce new role-based certifications to replace these older certifications. Which newer, role-based certification is for C#/.NET ?
  13. D

    Question C#; I need help with easy tasks

    I have to wrote a program solving these in an easiest way, not really know how without the mistakes, so thanks for any help. The 'file' contains whats under " John Medeic,MD 10|7|5|3|8|2|1|0|9|3|4|5|5|6|7|2|3 " Task. 1. Load and correctly interpret the data contained in the file. As a result...
  14. codify

    Answered Setting primary key in windows form

    Hello! I am have connected SQL management studio with my visual studio where I am making this hospital management system. I have set the PATIENT ID as the primary key in the SQL management studio. But when I am entering duplicate id, there is no objection being made by the code. What should I do...
  15. codify

    Storring wrong data in a text box!

    Hello! In a window form, Patient id is being stored in both text box1 and textbox2. It is not storing the name of the patient in textbox2. Please help! private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(@"Data...
  16. codify

    Resolved SqlException: 'Invalid column name 'id'.

    I am making a window form database management system. When I click on the "Add staff" option, this error occurs System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: 'Invalid column name 'id'.' on line number : 20 private void StaffInformation_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { // TODO: This...
  17. D

    Question BACnet with C#.net

    Hi, I am integrating the BacNet in my C# application using the BacnetIpUdpProtocolTransport procedure. When I use it as: BacnetIpUdpProtocolTransport udp_transport = new BacnetIpUdpProtocolTransport(c_bacnetPort,false) it works perfect but the problem is that I have 2 network cards on my PC and...
  18. laves

    Tip Adding an offline voice interface to a cross-platform .NET GUI

    For those who want to dive deeper, here's a tutorial I wrote and the source code! Here's a little tutorial about how I added a voice interface to a cross-platform desktop app: For those who want to dive deeper, here's a tutorial I wrote and the source code! In a world where developers are...
  19. Sajo

    Resolved What an exception class should contain?

    I am currently learning to create my own exception class and am wondering what my exception class should contain? It confuses me a lot. If anyone can give me an example. I need help urgently
  20. X

    Resolved OOP project help and info needed

    Hello I got an mock exam to practice, my real exam is in two weeks. I'm studying to become a teacher (this is an extra class I took) but with corona I had so many things to do including internship, etc. So I really I did not have a lot of time to practice C sharp. I only understand the basics...
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