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Dec 26, 2020
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Hey friends,
I'm new to the community and the field where I'm about to ask the question so I'm sorry in advance if the way I ask is not appropriate and I would love to hear comments if so.

I wrote a console app for the desktop and I want to convert this app to be a web application.
I want the app to look just like the console app I made.
I know ן need a server and database for that. But in terms of UI, is there a quick way I can convert it so that a browser can run the app as I wrote, as a console, on the web.

The application itself was written in C # and is an interactive application in which the user performs an experiment, during the experiment, words are printed and the user writes down for each word an association that comes to him.

I am looking for a way for the app to be available on the web, basically what I want is for it to have a URL, and users from around the world will be able to open it in a browser and perform the experiment. It's best for me if it stays in the style of a console since the app is simple and everything is already written in a way that suits the console (text-based inputs and outputs).
I saw this video -
and this article - Windows Remote Desktop Application

But I'm not sure if that's what I should aim for, because it seems that the console is static and there is no interaction between the user and me.

If it is not possible to convert it directly and need to work with other technologies in order to build a new UI, I would be happy if you could guide me on what to look for in the subject because of my knowledge in the field of web and UI is not very strong.

Thank you very much!


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Apr 6, 2019
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Unless you can find a ready made library that will let you emulate console UI on the web, I feel that it will more trouble than it's worth trying to create that console experience. You would be better off with a Web 1.0 style web application with multiple postbacks and page refreshes if simplicity is your goal.
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