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Jul 2, 2012
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I am a newbie to the C# .NET world. Back in 2004 and before I use to code using ASP Classic and am looking to get back into the development world. It’s been a while, and that being said, I am looking for advice in getting started ...

Can someone help me understand what tools are standard today for Web Development? I have downloaded Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, is this what I should be using, or a different flavor of Visual studio more the standard? Also, what is recommended for Source Safe these days for more than one developer?

Your time and thoughts are much appreciated!!!

Thank you!
Microsoft also have WebMatrix for beginners to creating web applications but Visual Web Developer is the standard for ASP.NET applications. Just like in the case of VB and C#, VWD is a component of the full editions of Visual Studio that they have broken out on its own into a free Express edition. The Express editions don't actually support source control plugins but you can use something like SVN and use the TortoiseSVN client, which works through Windows Explorer rather than Visual Studio. If you have a paid-for edition of Visual Studio then you can use the AnkhSVN plugin for Visual Studio and there are other options too, for both SVN and other source control providers. Microsoft provide Team Foundation Server but it is an expensive beast. They are going to release TFS Express at some point but I don't know when and I don;t know what functionality of TFS will be included or excluded.

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